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Help please! - knee replacement client

Hi, I'm newly qualified and in my very first beginners class a lady attended who had a knee replacement about a year ago. She says she was told she could do any non impact exercises but not to kneel and I am wondering what the best alternatives to all 4's exercises could be for her, should I just give alternative trunk stability such as knee drops and leg circles or single arm pullovers so including some shoulder stability? many thanks!

October 5, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterdebbie williams

My reply is a little late, so hopefully you figured it out, but just in case...
Alternative stabilization exercises can be a good modification, definitely. For example, in place of Swimming prep (alternating arms & legs in quadruped), you could have her try the "Dead Bug" lying supine with a stability ball between her knees or ankles and her hands, or (if she can maneuver into place without discomfort) prone over a stability ball for Swimming Prep (toes & hands on floor). Side-lying leg work (Side Kicks/Leg Lifts, etc) are great exercises to help gain/maintain strength for any knee issues, so you may want to cue her to do extra work there whilst instructing the rest of the class through something on the knees. In place of resting on her heels in between exercises, she can roll on to her back and hug her thighs to avoid the excessive flexion at the knee joint. Only a few exercises are done on the knees at the Beginner level, so you could even get away with a program that eliminates kneeling exercises in general so that the entire class is doing the same thing. Hope that helps!

February 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAvery