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Getting a job teaching Pilates is a great opportunity to help others with their fitness. Whether you’re looking for your first Pilates instructor job, an increased hourly rate or annual salary, or are just curious about Pilates career opportunities, start your search here! Pilates-Pro.com seeks to provide the most up-do-date information so you can find the best Pilates jobs available.

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Club Pilates
6/23/15 San Luis Obispo, CA USA


Pilates Instructor
Wellness & Motion Pilates
10/08/15 Pompano Beach, FL


Pilates Mat Instructor
Concierge Pilates
11/01/2018 New York, NY USA
Multiple Instructors
Bodyhi Fitness Center
11/01/2018 Flushing, NY USA
Part Time and Full Time Instructors
Uptown Pilates
11/01/2018 Flushing, NY USA


Full Time and Part Time Pilates Instructors
Life Time Training
11/01/2018 Fairfax, VA USA


Pilates Instructor
Waverley Pilates
10/15/18 Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Pilates & Barre
Core Studio
10/15/18 Toronto, Canada
Part Time and Full Time
Flex Studio Hong Kong
06/22/16 South and Central Hong Kong


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