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Taylor-made Abdominal Exercises

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Power Pilates-trained instructor, Taylor PhillipsLooking for some abdominal exercise inspiration? Between packed teaching schedules and clients with roving attention spans, who among us isn’t! We asked Taylor Phillips, a Power Pilates–trained instructor who recently joined Equinox Fitness Clubs as a senior trainer, to share her five favorite ab-busters. Try these moves on your clients, or let her variations inspire you to create a few new moves of your own.

1.  The Hundred:  Begin vigorously pumping arms to 5-count inhale, 5-count exhale, as in the traditional Hundred.  For last 30 counts, slowly lift arms with resistance to ceiling on inhale, slowly lower arms to hips on exhale. Take 5-counts to lift, 5-counts to lower.

2. Roll-up with Hamstring Pull: Start seated, holding 3-lb weights folded across the chest in genie arms. Round the spine into C-curve reaching tailbone to heels.  Focus on anchoring abs from 2-inches below navel and slowly draw the heels to hips 5 times, sliding the feet in and out, without moving torso.  Roll down another 3-inches, anchoring from navel, and slowly drawing the heels in and out 4 times. Roll down 3-inches further, still anchoring 2-inches above the navel, and slowly draw heels in and out 3 times. For the ultimate challenge, continue to roll down for two more increments, drawing the feet in 2 times, then 1 time, respectively, until the shoulders hover just above mat.

3.  Bicycle with Roll-up Roll-down:
Start lying on the mat with 3-lb weights in the hands. Curl the head and shoulders up, folding the arms and weights across the chest in genie arms. Bring the legs to a tabletop position. Begin to bicycle the legs forward, making circles so big that the toes almost drag on the floor. Draw the abs in deeply and, as you pedal, roll up to a seated position. Stop with the torso in a Teaser-like position with the head slightly curled forward. Reverse the direction of the pedaling and slowly lower back down to tips of shoulders. Repeat 3 times.

4.  Lower-Lift with Leg Cross:  Start lying on the mat with the legs extended toward the ceiling, feet in Pilates stance. With 3-lb dumbbells in hand, curl the head and shoulders off mat and extend the arms toward the ceiling, weight heads knocked together to stabilize arms. Slowly lower the legs to 45 degrees. With control, lift legs back up to ceiling, keeping hips anchored on mat. Repeat 3 times. Next, cross right ankle over left, inner-thighs pressed strongly together, and slowly lower and lift 3 times. Cross the left ankle over the right, squeezing the legs together, and repeat 3 times.

5.  Oblique Warm-up:  Start seated. Round spine into a C-curve and lift the legs so the heels are at knee level and legs are floating in a diamond shape (heels are together, knees shoulder-distance apart). Fold the arms across the body in a genie position (easier) or place hands behind head, placing one palm over the other hand. Twist at the waist to turn the torso to the right. Take 3-counts to twist slowly to the right and 1-count to return to center. Repeat to the left. Make sure to twist from waistband, not just shoulders and head. Repeat 4 times. Begin to extend the opposite leg while twisting the torso (twist right and extend left leg, twist left and extend right leg), and slowly round the back onto the mat, vertebra by vertebra, until the tips of the shoulders meet the mat. Move into criss-crosses, doing 8 full reps. For an extra challenge, try to criss-cross back up to a seated position!

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    Taylor-made Abdominal

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