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Pilates Videos to Enhance Your Teaching

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Pilates Videos - Enhance Your TeachingPilates finess videos can jumpstart those days you don’t feel like putting yourself through a workout, but it’s rare to glean useful teaching tips from a standard exercise dvd. For true teaching inspiration, it may be a better idea to look to some of the specialty videos available, instead.

For a brush-up on efficiency:
“Transitions and Order”, from Rebecca Leone and Heidi Byrnes of Pilates Powerhouse NW
If you need to add order and efficiency to your studio or sessions, check out the tips in this DVD. Designed for studio owners and instructors, the first part of this offering details practical suggestions for equipment storage and maintenance. After implementing these ideas, never again will you scramble around during a session looking for the correct prop. The remainder of the DVD is dedicated to teaching the transitions between classical exercises on the mat and Reformer—where to put the handles after each exercise, when to tip the headrest down, and so forth. This video is especially useful for instructors who have a clear understanding of the exercises, but are looking for ways to speed up and smooth out their classes and private sessions. After learning the linking steps on this DVD, instructors can slowly teach the transitions to students, which will ultimately keep the students focused all session long.

For a glimpse at the past:
“Joe and Clara Pilates Historic Video”, edited by Mary Bowen
We’ve all seen photographs of Joseph Pilates practicing the Hundred or Teaser, but films of him in action are much harder to come by. To watch the Joe perform the exercises as he intended them, check out this DVD, which is a compilation reels taken between 1932 and 1945. The footage—which has been whittled down to 70 minutes—was given to Mary Bowen by Evelyn de la Tour, a long-time friend of Joe and Clara. The historic sequences on film show Joe performing his classic exercises as well as some of the more obscure and acrobatic ones. In addition to providing an amazing link to the real roots of the work, this video also allows viewers a look at how the method has changed and evolved over the years.

For new moves:
“Pilates for Dancers: A personal development plan”, from Julian Littleford of JL Body Conditioning
For anyone who has attended Julian Littleford’s conference sessions, you know his modifications can be challenging to perform, let alone jot down in a notebook. Now it’s possible to have a handful of his exercise adaptations on hand with this video, which features challenging variations of classical matwork. The DVD can be played as a learning tool—with step-by-step directions for each move—or as a workout with the exercises performed without rest. In addition to spicing up your own rainy day workout, these moves are easy to integrate into private sessions and classes, too. Some of the simple exercises are deceptive: For example, who knew it was harder to perform the Hundred without the arm pumps, than with them?

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