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DVD Review: Kane School Core Principles Series

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The Kane School Core Principles Series by Kelly Kane

Review by Nicole Rogers

Kelly Kane, founder of the Kane School of Core Integration, is well known for her knowledge of anatomy as it relates to the Pilates method. In The Kane School Core Principles Series—her first DVD series—she delivers a lecture in three parts covering “Respiration and Pelvic Stability,” “Core Stability and Hip Differentiation” and “Cervical Nod and Curl and Scapular Stability.” The lecture is complete with anatomical illustrations, demonstrations using models, sample exercises and a glossary. Kane clearly explains these topics, from basic concepts like neutral pelvis, to the most detailed anatomical descriptions of complex systems like respiration.

Kane maintains a sense of humor throughout an almost three-hour lecture in total and uses a variety of visuals to keep it dynamic. Her demonstrations using model students are invaluable. For example, once you understand how transversus abdominis relates to the pelvic floor in the lecture, you can watch closely as Kane cues a student to engage her transversus abdominis through a series of exercises.

In the first disc, Respiration and Pelvic Stability, Kane explains the anatomy of breath in detail. Neutral pelvis is described, as well as reasons one might employ the use of a posterior tilt for certain clients. She also covers how to work with clients with lumbar disc herniation, a common injury.

The second disc covers Core Stability and Hip Differentiation. Core anatomy and the pelvic floor (a specialty of Kane’s) are described at length. I have to make a confession here that I have never really understood the pelvic floor very well. I had worked around instructors who said “Kegel” a lot, but that wasn’t very helpful. I always felt that I knew how to engage my pelvic floor (though that was just a hunch), but I was baffled at how to describe that to a client without sounding… vulgar. (Maybe that’s because of my Midwestern upbringing.) But the fact remains that no one had ever told me how to use the pelvic floor. So suffice it to say I was extremely relieved to find a long and detailed description of pelvic floor engagement here. I finally understand how to describe it to a client – even a male client. Phew. Kane also discusses the important and under-discussed role of the hip in lower back pain. It would do a lot of good for more instructors to understand that relationship.

The final disc deals with Cervical Nod and Curl and Scapular Stability. Kane addresses the common beginner client complaint of neck pain by explaining how to cue lifting the head off of the mat properly. In our culture of television and computers (forward head and slumped shoulders), the cervical spine and scapular stability are critical issues for almost all clients. Kane gives great cues and exercises to help.

Often in an anatomy class (or any Pilates continuing education class for that matter) so much information is presented that most of us end up frantically scribbling notes that we can’t make sense of later. At best, we retain a couple of things that we can apply to our practice. The great thing about this DVD is that it offers a huge amount of excellent information to take at your own pace. Instead of an overwhelming anatomy class with rapid-fire information, you can pause, rewind and replay parts you need to hear again and again. In fact, I’m tempted to watch the whole thing over again. I’m sure I will continue to go back to these DVDs to review specific topics for some time to come.

The Kane School Core Principles Series can be ordered online as a set for $116 plus tax and S&H from OPTP.com. The DVDs are also available individually ($39 each plus tax and S&H) or as a set ($105 plus tax and S&H) from the Kane School by calling 212-463-8308.

Nicole Rogers is a Pilates instructor and writer. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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Reader Comments (2)

I thought these dvd's were wonderful!! I have listened to all 3 more than once and learn something new every time! Very detailed and topics explained extremely well. Finally a dvd that explains anatomy for the Pilates body! I recommend these dvd's to all Pilates instructors. I hope Kelly Kane comes out with more dvd's!!!

January 21, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBonnie

I rarely comment but I figured I needed to do it now after visiting your site so frequently. We readers need to show appreciation! Keep up the good work!

July 18, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterfitness tips

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