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Lolita San Miguel Launches Pilates Mentor Program

Lolita San Miguel and Pilates Master Mentor ProgramLolita San MiguelThe profession of Pilates has deep roots in apprentice-style learning, and one teacher who was there in the early days is launching a new program to keep that tradition alive. Lolita San Miguel is kicking off her Pilates Master Mentor Program this month. It’s a 200-hour, two-year program open only to teachers who have completed a training program and have been teaching for at least three years.

Lolita, who has 50 years of Pilates experience, first apprenticed with Carola Trier in the late 1950s and then in the ’60s with Joseph and Clara Pilates, who granted her a certificate after an intensive 520-hour program. With her new program, Lolita aims to pass on what she learned from these pioneers, and what she’s continued to learn over the years. (She has gone through Polestar’s training program and can be spotted attending as many classes as she can at conferences every year.)

Lolita is keeping the groups small—no more than 12—and will meet with them for multi-day intensives six times in two years. Guest instructors will be invited to present, and Lolita will work with the group to refine their skills. “Pilates Masters must go far beyond mere competence, beyond certification, beyond knowing anatomy, the Pilates terminology, the exercises and being familiar with the equipment,” says Lolita. “They must undergo a specific type of training (as is done in the martial arts) and become an apprentice for a period to a Master with experiential wisdom.”

The first group, starting in January, is sold out, but spaces are still available in a group starting in February. Visit lolitapilates.com for more information.

Ron, Mary and Lolita

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Reader Comments (2)

Having 50 years of experience in Pilates!! I think she must be very fit and healthy. At what she must have started doing this? Nice reading this article. Thank you.


January 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterFat Loss

Great, Lolita. Very inspiring article, indeed. Thanks for sharing.


March 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterProcerin Reviews

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