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How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Exclusive Training

As human beings, we like to get attached. We get attached to our favorite foods, clothes, places and activities. We become attached to doing things a certain way and we even get attached to people - people we feel a connection to, relate to and feel comfortable around.

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Breathing on Footwork – Pilates Reformer Exercises

“I’ve been attending group reformer classes for about a year now and have recently switched to another studio for private lessons. At the group classes, I’ve been taught to exhale when extending the legs and inhale on the carriage return. My new instructor, however, teaches the opposite. So I’ve gotten a bit confused, and I have to ‘re-educate’ my mind as I’ve signed up for a 10-session package. Based on the information I’ve gathered so far it seems like exhaling when moving arms/legs away from the body is more common. What is your take on this? Or does it not really matter? Thanks!”

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Chasing Joe Pilates

The life history of Joseph Pilates appears to be covered, to some extent, in just about every Pilates book, workshop, conference and training program…

The Top 3 Things You Need to Know About Shaky Muscles 

Have you ever been so tired that your eye starts twitching? Besides an awkward wink that is potentially attracting the wrong people, it’s a telltale sign of fatigue. A good night’s sleep is a quick remedy for an uncontrollable eye twitch.

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On Moms, Backs, and Babes

I am a mom of a toddler, and I have been teaching Pilates for 12 years. Before I had my daughter, I thought I could teach a ‘Mama with Baby’ Pilates class. Now that I have her, I understand so much more clearly what new moms need.

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Working Out of Joint

A common habit I see in clients at our Pilates studio is working out of their joints. To define this more clearly, working out of a joint is when the arm or leg structure would be moving or working without maintaining a healthy relationship to the shoulder, hip and/or rest of the body.

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Creating Pilates For The Youth

When making a difference in our clients’ lives with the elite tools of Pilates, we’re typically teaching adults, not the younger population. I have to say that, as teachers, we should be using our education to make sure the next generation becomes familiar with Pilates and the benefits—for years to come.

Featured Wellness Article: Mental Health Benefits of "Letting in the quiet"

Sometimes the chatter in your head can get so noisy, it’s hard to reflect or just be at peace. Even during this morning’s yoga class, which had the theme of “approach with quiet”, I could hear my thoughts spinning around. By the end of class though, when we sat still for several minutes, my mind was clear, but I could actually see a thought drifting along. It was like I was flying and the shore was behind me. There was a lighthouse. And this one thought. I can’t remember what it was now, or if it was really important and maybe that’s the point. If that were to be the last thought I had on this earth, would it be something memorable? Or would it just be something that drifted mindlessly into oblivion?

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Featured Teacher: Erin Haag

We’ve all been there before - the eager Pilates apprentice anxiously preparing to become a Pilates instructor. We were drawn to the Pilates Method, each for our own reasons, and decided to share our passion for it with others. As a former dancer, I was drawn to “The Method” because it reminded me so much of my dance training; the control and concentration needed to perform each exercise with perfect technique. As a Pilates apprentice in the Power Pilates Teacher Training Program, I absolutely loved the way Pilates made me feel! I loved putting every ounce of energy into performing exercises to ideal standards and perfectly instructing my fellow apprentices using the Power Pilates teaching formula. I remember being surrounded by other like-minded apprentices and thinking, “We are all awesome Pilates practitioners.” I was living on a so-called Pilates cloud nine, and I believed that everyone I taught would feel the same way about Pilates.

Pilates? Is This What I Ordered?

Imagine being invited to the newest, coolest restaurant in town where the specialty of the house is wonderfully prepared fresh fish. You order the catch of the day with a side of fresh steamed veggies, and then you wait with great anticipation for your meal to be served. The waiter arrives - he places the dish on the table and you take a look. What? What in heaven’s name is this? It isn’t fish, it most certainly isn’t fresh and there isn’t a single steamed vegetable anywhere to be seen. You call the waiter to complain and he insists he brought you exactly what you ordered.

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