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Visit Pilates-Pro.com at the PMA

Pilates Method Alliance ConferencePilates-Pro.com is excited to be the first Online Sponsor of the annual Pilates Method Alliance Conference, which is coming up Nov. 6-9 in Phoenix. If you’ll be there, make sure to stop by our Booth #28-29 to share your thoughts and ideas about the Pilates industry and Pilates-Pro.com. We’ll be giving away a some prizes, and we’ll also be hosting an Internet café where you can relax and check your email.

In addition to a variety of workshops and mat classes from top teachers, the PMA has some exciting new offerings planed for this year’s conference, including a First Generation Pilates Teacher booth, mat classes to benefit the Pilates in the Schools; another visit from John Steel, Joseph Pilates’ former client and lawyer; a Research Roundtable and Business Roundtable; and a talk by the PMA’s new Medical Advisor, Dr. Joanne Conroy, on the effects of prescription drugs on muscular performance.

It’s not too late to register for the PMA. We hope to see you there!

If you can’t make it this year, you’ll find more continuing education options in our 2009 Pilates Conference Planner and our growing calendar of Pilates Workshop Listings. There’s something there for every budget and interest!

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2009 Pilates Conference Planner

It’s hard to believe that 2009 will soon be here. Now is the time to start thinking about your Pilates continuing education plans for next year. If you’ve never attended a fitness or Pilates conference, check out the offerings on the next page. They are great opportunities to get out of the studio, meet new colleagues and build on your teaching skills. All of these events are also listed in our Pilates Workshop Calendar, along with dozens of other workshops around the world.

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Continuing Ed: The Franklin Method

“Continuing Ed” is our regular look at workshops, programs and other methods of bodywork that can enhance your skills as a Pilates teacher.

Image courtesy of Center of Balance, a U.S. Franklin Method certification center.By Nicole Rogers

The Franklin Method is experiencing increased popularity with Pilates Instructors due to its concentration on imagery, anatomy and movement. Pilates is, in many ways, a moving meditation, and the Franklin Method provides excellent tools for focusing the mind and body together.

Eric Franklin, a dancer, educator, university lecturer and author from Germany, developed his educational program as a professional dancer and movement educator, teaching his first Franklin Method workshops as early as 1984. His technique explores and enhances the benefits of the mind–body connection by emphasizing three core principles:
  • Dynamic Imagery, a multi sensory and kinesthetic way of using the brain to affect movement and function.
  • Experiential Anatomy, which gives you direct physical awareness of your body’s function and design.
  • Reconditioning Movement, which integrates dynamic imagery with experiential anatomy to produce optimum function.
We talked to Donna Luder, owner and director of Pacific Movement Center in Monterey, Calif., who is certified in Pilates, Gyrotonics and the Franklin Method, to get her point of view on how the Franklin Method has enhanced her Pilates teaching skills.

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The Pilates Bookshelf: Top Pregnancy Resources

Pre- and postnatal fitness expert Debbi Goodman, MSPT, has assembled a great list of books and Websites where you can learn more about how exercise and Pilates relate to pregnancy. It was meant to accompany her article Pilates and Pregnancy: Safe Ab Exercises, but it’s such a great collection of resources, that we didn’t want it to get buried.

Click below to see her picks. If you’ve been wanting to learn more about maternal fitness for your clients or yourself, here’s a great place to start.

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Pilates Goes to College

Shenandoah%20U.jpgJust a few years ago, Kim Gibilisco, a choreographer, dancer and Polestar- and Stott Pilates–trained instructor, was teaching private Pilates sessions in her Manhattan studio. Today, she is an Assistant Professor of Dance at Shenandoah University, in Winchester, Virginia, and the woman responsible for bringing a Mat certification program to the school. Here she discusses how she came to be SU’s Pilates Program Coordinator and where Pilates fits in the university setting.

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Continuing Ed: Learning from Pilates Elders

“Continuing Ed” is our regular look at workshops, programs and other methods of bodywork that can enhance your skills as a Pilates teacher.

No matter what you call them—Elders, First-Generation Teachers, Pilates Masters—there’s no denying the Pilates wisdom they’ve passed down through the years. We’re talking, of course, of the handful of people who studied directly with Joseph and Clara Pilates and have kept their methods and spirit alive by teaching others what they know. Some have past away and others are slowing down their teaching schedules due to age, but they each can be proud of their own unique legacies—without them, Pilates would’ve died with its namesake.

If you’re at all interested in connecting to your Pilates roots, we recommend checking out two exciting, upcoming workshops taught by Elders and some of their closest students. But act quickly, they’re both happening in July.

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Continuing Ed: FAMI Workshop

New Column! “Continuing Ed” is our regular look at workshops, programs and other methods of bodywork that can enhance your skills as a Pilates teacher. Judging from the popularity of anatomy articles on our site, Pilates instructors are anatomy junkies. That’s why we’re kicking off this new series with a look at the Functional Anatomy for Movement & Injuries (FAMI) Workshop.


If you’ve been through a Pilates teacher-training program, chances are you have a general understanding of anatomy—or maybe not. Some programs require students to take an anatomy entrance exam and others barely touch the topic. But one thing is clear: the more you know about the body and how it’s put together, the better you’ll be at helping clients work with theirs.

That’s the idea behind the FAMI Workshop, a 4-day immersion course in anatomy and injuries designed for movement professionals. Held at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, the course includes lectures by Mount Sinai faculty and other medical professionals, a hands-on look at pre-dissected cadaver sections in the gross anatomy lab and practical integration sessions.

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Highlights: Body Mind Spirit 2008

The Pilates-Pro.com team just got back from the Body Mind Spirit educational conference that took place last weekend (April 23-27) in Santa Clara, CA. Pilates and Gyrotonic teachers took over the hotel and convention center as they floated between classes and the expo hall (and the pool—the weather was beautiful!). This year, the regular 3-day conference was fortified with two days of pre-conference intensives with tracks for both beginner and advanced instructors and those interested in scoliosis and osteoporosis. Yoga, which used to be on the BMS rooster, wasn’t available this year, but Feldenkrais and other somatic techniques were on offer.

The expo hall floor was also buzzing with equipment demos, new products and old favorites. Flip through our slideshow above for a few of the highlights, and look for more details about some of the products soon on the site.

P.S. We created the slideshow using Flickr and PictoBrowser. We’ve also started a Pilates-Pro.com group photo pool on Flickr, which is open to everyone to join and post and share Pilates pics. More on this later!

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A Career in Pilates: Are You Ready?

By Pat Guyton 

Pic%20Pat%20teaching%20article.jpgThe steps to becoming a Pilates teacher were more arcane in the past, and extremely rigorous. Sixty years ago, students went to Joe’s gym to learn Contrology as a means of recovering from injury or training for another career, such as dance. Many became committed to the technique, but it was only after decades of consistent training that a select few were chosen as teachers. This practice of study, apprenticeship and invitation by a master teacher was a remnant of the guild apprenticeship system of training practiced in Europe.

The education of a Pilates instructor is different today. As Pilates booms, the demand for teachers has morphed Joe’s tradition of serious, lengthy study into an age of instant development. Rather than dedicating years of practice and observation to bettering teaching skills, many programs turn out new instructors in a matter of months. And while the training of these instructors varies in comprehensiveness, an additional issue is at hand: The ease of entering a training program has resulted in many soon-to-be instructors enrolling without fully understanding what it takes to become—and continue to be—a good teacher.

Before investing time and money into a career you may not be suited for, you can take steps to explore all angles of life as a Pilates instructor. Here’s how:

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Pilates Videos to Enhance Your Teaching

iStock_000003386517XSmall.jpgPilates finess videos can jumpstart those days you don’t feel like putting yourself through a workout, but it’s rare to glean useful teaching tips from a standard exercise dvd. For true teaching inspiration, it may be a better idea to look to some of the specialty videos available, instead.

For a brush-up on efficiency:
“Transitions and Order”, from Rebecca Leone and Heidi Byrnes of Pilates Powerhouse NW
If you need to add order and efficiency to your studio or sessions, check out the tips in this DVD. Designed for studio owners and instructors, the first part of this offering details practical suggestions for equipment storage and maintenance. After implementing these ideas, never again will you scramble around during a session looking for the correct prop. The remainder of the DVD is dedicated to teaching the transitions between classical exercises on the mat and Reformer—where to put the handles after each exercise, when to tip the headrest down, and so forth. This video is especially useful for instructors who have a clear understanding of the exercises, but are looking for ways to speed up and smooth out their classes and private sessions. After learning the linking steps on this DVD, instructors can slowly teach the transitions to students, which will ultimately keep the students focused all session long.