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Breathing on Footwork – Pilates Reformer Exercises

“I’ve been attending group reformer classes for about a year now and have recently switched to another studio for private lessons. At the group classes, I’ve been taught to exhale when extending the legs and inhale on the carriage return. My new instructor, however, teaches the opposite. So I’ve gotten a bit confused, and I have to ‘re-educate’ my mind as I’ve signed up for a 10-session package. Based on the information I’ve gathered so far it seems like exhaling when moving arms/legs away from the body is more common. What is your take on this? Or does it not really matter? Thanks!”

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How to Teach a Multi-Level Reformer Class

In the age of Groupon and social media marketing, all the rules have changed. The weak economy combined with the huge number of discount advertisers and internet specials has made many studios think twice about how they want to manage and charge for classes. Hardly a day goes by where I don’t receive an email about another studio offering a package at a greatly reduced price. It would be nice to be able to ignore the concept of cut-rate Pilates, but given the nature of business today, we don’t have that luxury. What we can do is learn how to deal with and effectively teach reformer classes with students of varying levels of experience.

Pilates Hybrids

A proven method of fitness such as Pilates is the perfect workout foundation – when it is incorporated with other forms of fitness conditioning, what you’re left with is an innovative workout for the entire body and mind. With intriguing names like Spinlates, Yogalates and Piloxing, you can’t help but wonder what it involves, what kind of workout you’re going to get, and why didn’t I think of that?!

Pilates Anytime-Niedra Gabriel Beginner Series

Pilates Anytime is a great resource for students and instructors alike. There are a variety of classes including Wunda Chair, Reformer and Cadillac apparatus classes. Not just mat classes here! You can even search for classes by teacher. For the days when you just can’t make it into the studio, Pilates Anytime is the solution. For just $18 per month, these classes are a great supplement to your Pilates practice.

Beginners really have something to be excited about! Niedra Gabriel has created a ten part beginner series for Pilates Anytime. It is for absolute beginners and it even has a Basic Pilates Mat Booklet.


Niedra Gabriel

Niedra Gabriel has over 25 years of International experience teaching Pilates in Israel, England, New York, Los Angeles and St Lucia to name a few. Niedra recently moved to Ojai after living and teaching Pilates in St Lucia for three years. Prior to that, Niedra ran a private studio in Hollywood and was the West Coast Teacher Trainer for Power Pilates, NYC. Today, she teaches continuing education workshops for teachers and is a popular guest teacher. Outside of Pilates, Niedra is an avid promoter of the Raw Food lifestyle, a yoga teacher and a trapeze artist.


Visit http://www.pilatesanytime.com/ to try Niedra Gabriel’s ten part beginner’s series.


Pilates Products: Pressure Pillow (Giveaway!)

How many of your clients have shoulder tension? All of them? It was certainly Pilates instructor Rachael Maddalena’s most common complaint from clients. “They would tell me they worked at a computer all day, they had a long commute, and their posture at their computer or in their car would cause them tension that lingered,” says the Bellingham, Wash., instructor. 

Rachael went beyond recommending a good masseuse and set out to invent a solution that would really work. She came up with the Pressure Pillow, a clever take on the common practice of rolling out shoulder and back tension on a rubber ball. She’s made the process easier and prettier by packaging two hard balls in padding and covering them with attractive fabric. A strap helps you change positions and control the placement.

Rachael based the pillow design on a combination of Thai massage, Pilates and dance medicine therapies. It targets the trapezius muscles specifically, and she uses it to help her clients get a better understanding of a relaxed and supported shoulder girdle. To use it, place it behind the shoulders using the straps to place it where you’d like the pressure. Then lean back on the floor, a bed or a chair, relax and breathe deeply. Rachael lists more ideas on her website.

Rachael sells the Pressure Pillow through her site for $20 and takes wholesale orders in sets of 10 for $149.95. It comes in at least eight colors and patterns, even a “Route 66” version.

Enter the Giveaway!
Rachael has offered one Pressure Pillow as a giveaway to Pilates-Pro.com readers. To enter, tell us here or on our Facebook page how you would use the Pressure Pillow. We’ll draw one winner on Monday, July 26.

Using the Pressure Pillow can help your client better understand the feeling of a relaxed and supported shoulder girdle above a strong abdomen.

Recycle Your Pilates Mat for Earth Day

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Here’s a great idea for Earth Day—or any day, for that matter. Next time you’re looking to get rid of your stinky old mat, don’t kick it to the curb. Recycle it!

You can visit RecycleYourMat.com, a site that makes the process simple and easy. Founded in 2008 with a mission to keep yoga mats out of landfills by yoga and nature enthusiast Stephanie Stano, RecycleYourMat.com accepts mats made from any kind of material. First, clean your mat (the site provides ample information on ways to do that). Then you either send it to the company headquarters in Eugene, Oregon, or drop it off if there’s an affiliate center near you. The site allows you to search by zip code to find out if there’s a drop-off spot near where you live. If not, you can always sign your studio up to be a drop-off location for the program. Some studios charge a nominal fee for the service. For more information and details on shipping and recycling, check out RecycleYourMat.com’s FAQ page.

Pilates Product Review: BASI's Pilates Interactive

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By Nicole Rogers

Have you ever wished for an online Pilates encyclopedia? If so, Pilates Interactive, a new web platform from BASI Pilates founder Rael Isacowitz, might be what you’re looking for. It’s an instant exercise reference tool, a continuing ed program and, for those like me who work alone, a digital colleague, packaged onto one site and accessible at any time. It is an extremely handy tool for Pilates in the 21st century.

At its most basic, Pilates Interactive is an online video library of the BASI exercise repertoire. Each video on the site is a demonstration of an individual exercise, and most feature Rael Isacowitz performing and/or cueing the movement. The videos are searchable and sortable by key word, difficulty level, apparatus, muscle, or BASI block (BASI’s unique system). Because all of the video content is streamed, nothing needs to be installed or downloaded onto your computer. The site’s main interface is sleek and easy to navigate and the viewing interface for each exercise has at-a-glance exercise notes, organized into set-up, movement, muscle focus, objectives and cueing sections. At last count, 327 exercises were available and BASI is still adding to the site.

How to Work With the Pilates Foot Corrector

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By Dianne Wise

The Foot Corrector is that small, saddle-like piece of equipment you’ve probably seen on the floor in Pilates studios. It was designed by Joseph Pilates himself, just like the rest of the Pilates apparatus, yet it seems not to be used as frequently. After all, how many of our clients ask us to work out…their feet?

Developing a “foot program” for your clients, however, can yield many benefits. A lot of people don’t realize that our bodies’ joint-alignment begins with the feet, which act much like the foundation of a house. If the foundation is not properly laid down, the rest of the structure does not have a stable base of support. To compensate, some parts of the structure might take on more weight than they’re designed to hold and can become damaged, or simply buckle. As the foundation for our bodies, our feet do a lot of work supporting our body weight. They also endure the abuse of walking on hard surfaces all day long. It’s very important to keep them healthy and happy— too often they are ignored.

There are many excellent options for working the feet in Pilates: apparatus exercises such as Footwork on the Reformer or Parakeet on the Cadillac mobilize and strengthen, while props like small hard balls (for tissue release) and Therabands (for spot-strengthening) are excellent for detailed work. The Foot Corrector, however, is the only piece of Pilates apparatus that works the feet in a weight-bearing, and therefore functional, position.

Pilates Poll: Information You Need

We thought we’d ask what you would like to see on Pilates-Pro.com this year. This is a great opportunity to speak up and let us know what kind of coverage you’re looking for. Vote for the category that most represents your needs.


If there’s something you’d like to see that we didn’t mention, please share specific requests in the comments section below. Do you have a burning Pilates question you think we can help answer? Or perhaps there’s a topic you’d like to suggest we look into? This is your chance to let us know!

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Adding Barre Work to Your Pilates Workout

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By Christine Binnendyk

Pilates and dance conditioning have a long history, and they make for a highly effective combination. Joseph Pilates himself was well-known for working with many prominent dancers during his lifetime. I’d heard the buzz about barre-style workouts such as Lotte Berk, Fluidity, and Bar Method. I had even tried out a few videos. But it wasn’t until I ran across Barre3, the Portland, Oregon, based studio with the tagline, “Where ballet barre meets yoga and Pilates,” that it hit me: Dance conditioning can be a breath of fresh air for Pilates studios, to draw new clients and keep existing ones coming back for more.

Barre Classes
Mt. Pleasant Pilates studio owner Nicole Wallen launched a program called Body By Barre just over a year ago. “It’s been a great success,” she says, and the ticket to bringing in new clientele.

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