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14 Pilates Holiday Steals & Deals

While technically not on sale, these Pilates holiday cards are a great way to honor Joe & Clara at the holidays. Available from the PMA; $20 for 16 cards.With the holiday shopping season in full swing, lots of sales announcements for Pilates goodies have been landing in our inbox. Here we’ve compiled a list of 14 deals on Pilates clothing, equipment—and even training—so you can finish (or start!) your shopping in one place. But act fast—some of these deals expire soon. Consider it our gift to you. Happy Shopping!

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DVD Review: Kane School Core Principles Series

Review by Nicole Rogers

Kelly Kane, founder of the Kane School of Core Integration, is well known for her knowledge of anatomy as it relates to the Pilates method. In The Kane School Core Principles Series—her first DVD series—she delivers a lecture in three parts covering “Respiration and Pelvic Stability,” “Core Stability and Hip Differentiation” and “Cervical Nod and Curl and Scapular Stability.” The lecture is complete with anatomical illustrations, demonstrations using models, sample exercises and a glossary. Kane clearly explains these topics, from basic concepts like neutral pelvis, to the most detailed anatomical descriptions of complex systems like respiration.

Kane maintains a sense of humor throughout an almost three-hour lecture in total and uses a variety of visuals to keep it dynamic. Her demonstrations using model students are invaluable. For example, once you understand how transversus abdominis relates to the pelvic floor in the lecture, you can watch closely as Kane cues a student to engage her transversus abdominis through a series of exercises.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Pilates Clients

By Amy Leibrock

While you’re busy shopping for your loved ones this holiday season, don’t forget about your beloved Pilates clients who have supported you all year long. In today’s challenging economy it’s even more important to treat your loyal clients well. Consider it money well spent—they’ll appreciate the gesture and will be even more likely to spread the word about how fabulous you are.

Elisa Bluming of Bluming Studio in Brooklyn, NY, has been giving to her all her active clients for several years. “I am grateful every day for the best client base I could imagine,” she says. “I opened my studio right before 9/11, and while much new potential business quickly disappeared, I would not have survived without my client base that followed me and continued to scrape together money to continue their training. I think it really helps my business by making people feel that they are a welcome part of the studio community.”

Some of the gifts Elisa has given over the years include a pair of super-soft bamboo socks, a “Bonger” massage tool and a stainless steel water bottle. “I wanted to stop using disposable water cups at the studio and wanted to promote that my clients conserve as well so I put stainless steel cups in the studio and gave everyone a stainless steel water bottles with the studio logo,” says Bluming.

Bluming suggests spending around $5 per client, including shipping, so it pays to find wholesale or bulk pricing for the gift you choose. Look for items sold in pairs that you can split (that’s what she did with the Bongers, which are $9.50 per pair wholesale). Check the sale sections of some of your favorite vendors’ websites or turn to businesses in your community that may cut you a deal in exchange for promoting their product.

Still looking for ideas? We’ve rounded up a group of in expensive gifts that will leave your clients smiling. [Note: All of these items also make great items to sell at retail!]

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2009 Pilates Conference Planner

It’s hard to believe that 2009 will soon be here. Now is the time to start thinking about your Pilates continuing education plans for next year. If you’ve never attended a fitness or Pilates conference, check out the offerings on the next page. They are great opportunities to get out of the studio, meet new colleagues and build on your teaching skills. All of these events are also listed in our Pilates Workshop Calendar, along with dozens of other workshops around the world.

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Shop for a Cause: Breast Cancer Pilates Products

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which kicked off last week, we’ve rounded up a great group of Pilates clothing items and products designed to help raise funds for breast cancer research, including this “Kick It” tee from Lucy. Ten percent of the $30 price will be donated to Breast Cancer Network of Strength.

See products from STOTT Pilates, Peak Pilates, Power Pilates, Zobha, Gaiam and more after the jump.

The Pilates Bookshelf: Top Pregnancy Resources

Pre- and postnatal fitness expert Debbi Goodman, MSPT, has assembled a great list of books and Websites where you can learn more about how exercise and Pilates relate to pregnancy. It was meant to accompany her article Pilates and Pregnancy: Safe Ab Exercises, but it’s such a great collection of resources, that we didn’t want it to get buried.

Click below to see her picks. If you’ve been wanting to learn more about maternal fitness for your clients or yourself, here’s a great place to start.

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DVD Review: Standing Pilates (and the Tye4)

By Nicole Rogers

For the DVD Standing Pilates, The PhysicalmMind Institute has developed an entire routine of classical Pilates mat exercises modified for the standing position. The idea of spending an entire class standing is smart, and it certainly improves balance and control. Some of these exercises make a lot of sense for people who have a hard time lifting their heads off of the floor in a traditional mat class. Gravity plays a completely different role when standing as opposed to lying flat on your back. Try this DVD’s version of the Hundred and you’ll get the “connection” without lifting your head against gravity.

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Does Music Have a Place in Your Pilates Studio?

PilatesMusic.jpgBy Joseph Quinn

The world of Pilates and the art of music have a bizarre relationship.

The movements within the Pilates system have an unmistakable, intrinsic rhythm. Joseph Pilates polished his exercises with modern dancers as his human clay. Their flourish and fluidity brought him delight and inspiration. Relatively, a dancer’s (or choreographer’s) inspiration and flair come from expounding upon the ideas from within their emotional selves in relation to a piece of music.

So what’s bizarre about the relationship?

The weird thing is the fact that rhythm is such an important piece of the method, that music was inherent in the character of Joe’s initial students, yet the use of music during a Pilates session these days is typically shunned by many instructors and forbidden by most certification programs.

So when was the break-up? What’s the big deal?

Most discussion on the topic is rather cursory. It is usually a “Yes” or “No” answer with black and white reasoning. “The “No” camp cites music as invasive and a distraction…and that’s all there is to it, end of story. The “Yes” camp rarely provides us with anything more than a New Age CD that claims to be perfect for creating “a relaxing mood” for your session. It gives the “calming” sounds of wind chimes and waterfalls…which usually just make me have to go to the bathroom.

Is there no middle ground? Are our only choices deafening silence or “The Love Songs of Humphrey the Humpback Whale”? I am here to say, “Hell no!… but sometimes, yes.”

So let’s get our hands dirty and really get into this question we have all asked ourselves and others multiple times.

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Pilates Pro Newsfeed: Pelvic Fitness

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Pelvic fitness
photo: nytimes.com
Top Story:
A new concept in micro-focused spas has come to New York: pelvic fitness. While the idea behind Phit—which stands for “pelvic health integrated techniques”—might sound new (and uncomfortable) to some women, Pilates instructors already know the benefits of getting “in shape from the inside out.” But Dr. Lauri Romanzi’s services go beyond Kegel workouts—the board-certified gynecologist is also offering electrostimulation, nonsurgical labial contouring, vaginal tightening surgery and labiaplasty. I’ll stick with my Seated Legs exercises, thank you very much.

More Pilates-Related News
• Foam roller sales have doubled in the last few years.

• High-end hotels are adding Pilates to their offerings.

• First-generation teacher Ron Fletcher shares his thoughts on Pilates in The Guardian: “The trouble with this work, in general, is that people mistake it for an exercise regimen, and it’s not. It’s an art and it’s a science and it’s a study of movement.”

• A Brooklyn yoga instructor gives new meaning to “phoning it in.”

• An inspiring story about a disabled Pilates instructor

• Peak Pilates’ master trainer Colleen Glenn is profiled as one of Boulder’s “local health pros.
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The Pilates Bookshelf: The Body Has a Mind of Its Own

BodyHasMindofItsOwn.jpgBy Madeline Black
In order to work in a deeper, more expanded way with her clients, Pilates instructor Madeline Black has searched out new ideas and methodologies during her career. This is the third in her series of reviews in which she shares some of the books and resources that have deepened her knowledge and self-practice and have enhanced her teaching beyond Pilates.

The Body Has a Mind of Its Own (Random House, 2007) by Sandra Blakeslee and Matthew Blakeslee is a fascinating and educational book about how we process our experiences through our body. The mother-son science writing team explores the brain’s “body map” and its role in our ability to feel, move, perceive and learn motor skills, as well as how it relates to phenomenons such as phantom limbs, stroke recovery and out-of-body experiences.

The authors explain how the brain works in a way that is scientific yet understandable and entertaining. My favorite part is how they describe the history of the concept of body maps and their importance to the body’s way of learning to move in space and experience the outside world. Read on to see how body maps relate to our work as Pilates instructors.

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