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Pilates Homework

If you’re lucky, your clients who travel frequently or come to sessions sporadically will want to practice Pilates on their Pilates Take Out: 10-20-30 Guide to Fitnessown. Sure, you could Xerox a few exercises for them, but why not sell a Pilates study guide in your studio? One of the best we’ve come across is the Pilates Take Out: 10-20-30 Guide to Fitness, produced by Body Works Studio with the help of Teresa Sullivan, Kyria Sabin and the rest of the Body Works team. This standing, flip-through guide features 10 basic exercises demonstrated at beginner and intermediate levels. Each page shows photographs of a move, step-by-step instructions, things to avoid and a breakdown of the purpose of the exercise. The Pilates Take Out guide can be purchased individually for $28; 10 or more may be ordered for $15 each. To order, call Sandra at 800-992-9919.

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Focus on the Feet

Most clients could benefit from foot-strengthening exercises, but they’ll usually tire of the same “scrunch the towel” routine after a few weeks. For new move suggestions, plus a treasure trove of toe-appropriate props, consider purchasing the Centerworks Pilates Foot Fitness KitCenterworks Pilates Foot Fitness Kit. For $20, you’ll receive a foot-focused exercise manual, a heavy-resistance exercise band, a massage ball and marbles and sticks that you can grasp and pick up with your toes. These simple maneuvers are easy enough for most clients to do on their own at home or before a session.

For a larger collection of exercises, the book Fantastic Feet! Exercises to Strengthen Your Ankles Arches & Toes by Centerworks Pilates founder Aliesa George is also available. This 92-page guide details moves that will benefit the full lower leg, including standing and seated exercises. The book retails for $20, but you can buy the book and kit together for $30. For more information, visit CenterworksPilates.com.

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A Pliable Prop

Pilates Foam Roller by Power SystemsA foam roller has many uses in the studio, from increasing a client’s stretch to adding instability. However, not all foam rollers are created equal. Some sag or slide, and the extra-sturdy models can often be a little too firm. One recent afternoon Jennifer De Luca, owner of Brooklyn’s two BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasiums, tested the new Soft Foam Roller from Power Systems.

De Luca liked the way the “mushy” roller—which feels soft and squeezable—gave under her weight, spreading on the floor and across her spine to create a broader base of support. She thought the new roller, made of EVA foam, would be a useful tool for clients who are elderly, over- or under-weight or unconditioned. Proof came when one of De Luca’s clients, a woman with a sensitive tailbone, stretched her spine along the Soft Foam Roller. The client said the feeling was, “absolute Nirvana.”

However, a regular roller may still have a place in your studio. De Luca recommends having both types of rollers available, and suggests the firmer model be used by clients who need extra challenging, while saving the softer roller for clients who want a gentler, more stable support. The $34.95 prop can be ordered through Power Systems.
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A New Take on Pilates Props

The SmartSpineYou’ve seen Pilates props that bounce, bend, stretch and stick. But, if you’re still looking for the perfect studio tool, you may want to try a new, malleable set of Pilates accessories that we discovered at the PMA conference. Created by Marie-José Blom-Lawrence, founder of Long Beach Dance Conditioning in Long Beach, CA, the SmartSpine Works line features a variety of grain-filled cotton bags, ranging from a long wrap designed to help the pelvis find neutral, to small scented balls that you can stand on.

In addition to adding weight or support when required, Blom-Lawrence says these props also provide a fusion of tactile and sensory experiences for the client, which facilitates fluidity and ease in alignment and movement. Our favorite feature (next to the soothing lavender scent!):Pilates SmartSpine Works line All products may be used warm to help loosen stiff muscles and joints, or cool to provide similar benefits as an ice pack, without the freezer burn. Individual pieces start at $24.99, and full kits sell for under $200. To purchase, click here.

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