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Why We Teach: Real Pilates Talk in the Big Apple

The Pilates studio can become a place of mutual support. “At the end of the day, the work is the work. But the stuff that happens in between the work is most exciting for me.” The teachers know their clients and often develop relationships that last years. The few minutes in between each session are the moments that

How I Discovered Pilates

“How did I discover Pilates?” My clients often ask me this question. I took my first Pilates class on a dare when I was 17. I had a friend who was in the Miami ballet company, and he was in great shape. He dared me and I said, “Okay, I’ll try it.”

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Are Men Afraid Of Pilates?

Most men love sports, which requires strength, flexibility, stability and balance—so why aren’t more men flocking to Pilates studios? It’s been 17 years since I begin teaching Pilates and 10 years since I opened my own studio, and during that time only one thing’s been missing: men. I’ve taught Pilates to men, including a few professional athletes, however, I think many studio owners will agree that women vastly outnumber men as clients.

Featured Teacher: Erin Haag

We’ve all been there before - the eager Pilates apprentice anxiously preparing to become a Pilates instructor. We were drawn to the Pilates Method, each for our own reasons, and decided to share our passion for it with others. As a former dancer, I was drawn to “The Method” because it reminded me so much of my dance training; the control and concentration needed to perform each exercise with perfect technique. As a Pilates apprentice in the Power Pilates Teacher Training Program, I absolutely loved the way Pilates made me feel! I loved putting every ounce of energy into performing exercises to ideal standards and perfectly instructing my fellow apprentices using the Power Pilates teaching formula. I remember being surrounded by other like-minded apprentices and thinking, “We are all awesome Pilates practitioners.” I was living on a so-called Pilates cloud nine, and I believed that everyone I taught would feel the same way about Pilates.

Featured Studio Manager: Ian Landers

It’s a busy weekday afternoon and the lunch hour hiatus is at an all time high. Ian Landers, Studio Manager of Power Pilates in New York City, agreed to set some time aside to be interviewed on his current role as Studio Manager - slash - daily peace keeper. After throwing back a quick sandwich and tending to multiple phone calls, Ian shares what it’s really like behind the scenes at a popular classical Pilates studio in Manhattan and what motivates him to drive the business and stand out among local competitors.

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Featured Teacher - Jennifer Van Etten

We love to hear from the Power Pilates educators within our network! We recently got to know a few fun facts about our Teacher Trainer Jennifer from our Power Pilates Studio in New York City!

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Pilates Anytime-Niedra Gabriel Beginner Series

Pilates Anytime is a great resource for students and instructors alike. There are a variety of classes including Wunda Chair, Reformer and Cadillac apparatus classes. Not just mat classes here! You can even search for classes by teacher. For the days when you just can’t make it into the studio, Pilates Anytime is the solution. For just $18 per month, these classes are a great supplement to your Pilates practice.

Beginners really have something to be excited about! Niedra Gabriel has created a ten part beginner series for Pilates Anytime. It is for absolute beginners and it even has a Basic Pilates Mat Booklet.


Niedra Gabriel

Niedra Gabriel has over 25 years of International experience teaching Pilates in Israel, England, New York, Los Angeles and St Lucia to name a few. Niedra recently moved to Ojai after living and teaching Pilates in St Lucia for three years. Prior to that, Niedra ran a private studio in Hollywood and was the West Coast Teacher Trainer for Power Pilates, NYC. Today, she teaches continuing education workshops for teachers and is a popular guest teacher. Outside of Pilates, Niedra is an avid promoter of the Raw Food lifestyle, a yoga teacher and a trapeze artist.


Visit http://www.pilatesanytime.com/ to try Niedra Gabriel’s ten part beginner’s series.


Semi-Pro, Totally Tough: Pilates Training for Sportsmen

Jennifer Mongeluzo teaches Pilates to men at The Pilates Centre in Norwalk, CT
By Kathy Kukula

Walk through the door at The Pilates Centre in Norwalk, Conn., and, among the forest of Reformers and Towers, you’ll see something that’s all too rare in many Pilates studios: men. And while some of the guys are the financiers and media executives that this coastal area is famous for, quite a few of them spend their time in more old-fashioned pursuits: in a rink, a pitch or a boxing ring. In the past two years, owner Jennifer Mongeluzo and her team of four trainers have strengthened and stretched a growing cadre of pro and semi-pro hockey and rugby players, Muay Thai kickboxers, boxers and mixed-martial arts fighters. Here’s how she did it:

Pilates & Dance Communities Celebrate Kathleen Stanford Grant

By Amy Leibrock

It was a full house at the Ailey Citigroup Theater in New York Monday night as members of the Pilates and dance communities gathered to pay tribute to Kathleen Stanford Grant (1921-2010), a first-generation Pilates teacher who studied directly with Joseph Pilates and taught the Pilates method for more than 50 years. The celebratory evening was filled with laughter, dance, music and stories about the life and spirit of this multi-faceted woman who “dedicated her life to making all others dreams come true,” as Sarita Allen, one of her students, said. The celebration began with an African drumming processional and was followed by a mixture of dance performances, video footage and almost a dozen speeches from family members, students, colleagues and friends. For those who weren’t able to make it, I’d like to share some highlights from this special evening.

Pilates Mentors: Q&A with Marguerite Ogle

By Anne Samoilov

Welcome to the second installment of my Pilates Mentors series. I’m passionate about supporting my fellow Pilates instructors and passing on the nuggets of advice that I receive from my own Pilates mentors. I am so excited to share with you my conversation with Marguerite Ogle. Marguerite is best known for her work on About.com as the Pilates Guide. She has built an extremely thorough site which provides information for Pilates students as well as instructors.

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