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Osteoporosis and Pilates

As baby boomers segue from child-rearing to retirement, they find themselves bombarded by the media with information about osteoporosis. It makes sense, considering that more than 44 million American men and women age 50 and older have osteoporosis or its precursor, osteopenia. So between news articles about calcium and vitamin D, Sally Field promoting the drug Boniva on TV commercials and the now-ubiquitous term “weight-bearing exercise,” we are all hearing a great deal about this epidemic.

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Before we get to the myths, a quick word about me. The reason I’m called “The Rogue Nutritionist” is that I’m the one in the crowd pointing an unimpressed finger at boneheaded notions about nutrition, weight loss, diet and health. So as you might imagine, myth-busting is one of my favorite activities. In this column, I’ve chosen 10 of my favorite doozies. Some are new; some are old but still around despite being past their expiration dates; and some are enjoying an undeserved resurrection from the graveyard of bad ideas.

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5 Hidden Benefits Of Exercise 

With more than a third of Americans classified as obese, everyone from first lady Michelle Obama to TV news anchor Katie Couric is advocating exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

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Build your Bones and a Better Future

Many of us in the under-50 age range think about bone health as a concern for our grandmothers or our mothers, but rarely for ourselves. I did too, until I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my late 20s.

The Top 3 Things You Need to Know About Shaky Muscles 

Have you ever been so tired that your eye starts twitching? Besides an awkward wink that is potentially attracting the wrong people, it’s a telltale sign of fatigue. A good night’s sleep is a quick remedy for an uncontrollable eye twitch.

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Pilates Tips for Teaching Students with Multiple Sclerosis 

Working with clients with multiple sclerosis can be challenging. After all, you’d be hard pressed to find another medical condition with more possible symptoms. Plus, every single case is so different that it’s hard to generalize what an “MS workout” looks like.

Leaders in Fitness Launches Continuing Education Platform for Pilates and Fitness Professionals

We’ve been following the trends in online pilates education for years now. A new offering in online fitness education looks to be a great web service for pilates professionals looking to continue their education and renew their certification. The service has loads of Pilates and Dance video courses on the website. We included a copy of the company’s latest press release here.

Fitness Blogger Meet and Tweet

Pilates-Pro attended the Fitness Blogger Meet and Tweet this May and it was quite an exciting event! It was a dreary and rainy Wednesday morning, but inside the Metropolitan Pavilion it was fresh and full of energy! Fitness Magazine put together a fantastic event! We were excited to network with other professionals who are as fitness-obsessed and love living a healthy lifestyle like us. We also had the opportunity to meet fitness bloggers, as well as beauty and fashion bloggers.

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Pilates Day - May 5, 2012

Pilates Day is an annual event that takes place the first Saturday in May, and it was created by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). Pilates enthusiasts across the nation participate in this annual fitness initiative by attending various events to promote their passion for Pilates! For business owners, it’s a great way to promote their studio and increase traffic. Studios will be hosting worldwide events to create fitness awareness in the Pilates industry. Pilates Day offers people the opportunity to network and participate in community activities with others who share the same enthusiasm for Pilates!

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Is Pilates Making Children Smarter than their Parents?

Julie Toren, co-owner of The Pilates Loft adds, “It is the future. People are starting to realize Pilates not only helps to correct injuries and normal problems caused by aging, but prevents them from ever occurring. Smart parents like Mary are getting their children involved while they are young, in hopes of making their lives easier as they get older.”

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