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Most Popular Articles From 2009

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As 2009 draws to a close and we refocus our energies on the year to come, it’s nice to reflect on the year past. Thus it’s time for our very own Pilates-Pro.com “Year in Review,” a countdown of the site’s 10 most popular articles in 2009. (This is a great place to start if you’re just discovering us!) We’d like to extend huge thanks to all of the innovative, thoughtful, dedicated and generally amazing Pilates experts who contributed to Pilates-Pro.com this year. Kudos as well to the growing number of community members who use the articles and forums as a place for lively, insightful discussion. Pilates-Pro.com continues to grow because of you. And of course, if you have topics you’d like us tackle in 2010, please drop a line and let us know!

1. Pilates for Scoliosis by Suzanne Martin, PT, DPT
2. Pilates for Feet by Madeline Black
3. Five Ways to Combine Cardio and Pilates by Nicole Rogers
4. Pilates on Call with Siri Dharma Galliano
5. Postpartum Recovery: Helping New Moms Get Their Bodies Back by Debbi Goodman, MSPT
6. 16 Fitness Wear Discounts for Pilates Instructors by Christine Binnendyk
7. Pilates DVD Review: The Jump Board Workout by Nicole Rogers
8. Pilates on Call: Core Conditioning PTs
9. Five Ways to Hook Men on Pilates by Julian Littleford
10. Five Ways to Build Successful Client-Instructor Relationships by Devra Swiger

Pilates Pro Newsfeed

Cirque School L.A.

Our semiregular rundown of Pilates news from around the Web. Enjoy!

  • Been searching for a place where you can do Pilates and fly with the greatest of ease? Look no further than Cirque School L.A., which blends Pilates with the circus arts, and grew from founder Aloysia Gavre’s desire “to give anybody with any body the opportunity to ‘hang by their knees,’ even if it’s just once, and create a hybrid of fitness programming.” Read Digital City’s interview with Gavre.
  • The hottest new Pilates prop: a baby! If you’ve ever wondered how mommy and baby Pilates classes work, check out this video news clip, aptly headlined “NBA star’s wife uses baby to exercise,”  from MSNBC’s The Grio. 
  • Longtime fitness instructor Andrea Metcalf introduced Live-alates, simple Pilates-inspired moves for better living, on Oprah.com.
  • Pilates trainer Meleah Rubio, a former cheerleader, works with University of Texas football players two to three times her size, and says they’ve really warmed up to Pilates. “It’s made them more aware of their body and their breathing. And injury prevention has been huge,” she tells News 8 Austin in this segment. Hook ‘em, Horns!
  • Karena Lineback and her studio Pilates Teck got props for their homemade contribution to the Santa Clarita, California, holiday Festival of Trees, and raised cash for the local Boys and Girls Club to boot. Kudos!
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Pilates Pro Newsfeed

Our semi-regular rundown of Pilates (and Pilates-related) news from around the Web. Enjoy!

At PHIT in the Hartford Courant

  • Here’s a feel-good story for a pre-holiday weekend. In Sharing Their Own Special Space, from the Hartford Courant, Pilates instructor Susannah Israel goes every day to the place she got married: her Pilates studio, PHIT. “This building is part of our romance,” Susannah told the Courant. “I’m literally in the room [where] we took our vows. It has such a good karma.”
  • Pilates: A Thinking Way of Moving, is an examination of Joe’s original principles, from exercise physiologist Angie Ferguson in The Fort Myers, Fla., News-Press.
  • Metro International newspapers featured Viveca Jensen’s Piloxing, including three exercises with photos.
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Pilates Method Alliance Teacher Training Summit Report

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By Lauren Charlip

Pilates-Pro.com was unable to attend the Pilates Method Alliance’s Teacher Training Summit in Dallas on November 7-8, and we’ve been eager for information about the event. This week the PMA released a report on the meeting that’s now available here. We also spoke to PMA Executive Director Elizabeth Anderson and summit attendees for a closer look at the outcome.

The summit, which drew nearly 80 teacher trainers and program administrators from a range of Pilates backgrounds, was organized to “try to build consensus about how to move forward as an industry in terms of professionalizing,” Anderson said. At issue, according to the PMA, is the use of the word “certification” and the need to differentiate between the completion of a comprehensive teacher-training program and an industry-wide third-party credential. Currently, the word “certification” is used to denote both.

After many hours of group discussion, all but a handful of attendees left the summit agreeing to cease usage of the word “certification” to signify completion of their training programs, and signed a public commitment to change the terminology they’re using by July 1, 2010. Several well-known Pilates brands signed on, including Balanced Body, BASI Pilates, Fletcher Pilates, Polestar Pilates Education, Power Pilates and The Pilates Center of Boulder. Read the full list here, on the PMA report.

In 2005, the PMA launched an industry-wide third-party comprehen­sive Pilates certification exam (which, to date, is the only industry-wide exam). As a third party, the PMA has no commercial rela­tionship to the exam candidate or the training provider. This independence distinguishes a third-party credentialed certification from a “diploma” or a “certificate” earned at the end of a teacher training program, much like passing a state bar exam is different than graduating from a law school. Many people believe that adopting a third-party credentialing process is important for the Pilates industry as it professionalizes, and believe that professionalization is important because of the level of growth Pilates has experienced in recent years.

The PMA suggests in the report that schools replace the word “certification” with either “diploma,” “assessment-based certificate” (ABC) or “graduate.” “We recommend people do it in the name of self-regulation, so that the Pilates industry can get in line with ways that other professions behave and operate that are much more established than us,” Anderson said.

Pilates Ranks High in 2010 Fitness Forecast

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The American College of Sports Medicine released a fitness trends forecast for 2010 last week, and based on its list of projected top 10 trends, the outlook is great for Pilates instructors next year.

Pilates itself was ranked No. 9 as a standalone category, and two more of the ACSM’s top 10 trends have a direct connection to the work of Pilates professionals; core training and functional fitness were ranked No. 5 and No. 9 respectively. The ACSM’s No. 1 trend was ‘Educated and experienced fitness professionals,’ making this the third year in a row that trend tops the list. Other strongly Pilates-related trends on the list were personal training and strength training, though a Pilates connection could easily be drawn to any of the top 10 items.

The top trends were assembled from the results of a worldwide survey with nearly 1,500 respondents. Surveyors gave 37 potential trends as choices and then ranked returns, formulating a report on the top 20 that was initially published in the November/December issue of ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal®

The full top 10 list, with descriptions, is available after the jump.

PMA Announces Launch of Regional Chapters

The Pilates Method Alliance announced plans earlier this week to create regional and local chapters, a response to member requests in recent years. A new PMA Chapters Committee has been established, headed up by PMA member and certified teacher Andrea Jeanfreau, who brings 17 years of corporate organizational experience to the initiative.

PMA Executive Director Elizabeth Anderson said that regional chapters will create a better communication vehicle for the PMA and its membership, and an opportunity for board members to visit and have direct contact with the Pilates community. “We want to feel that there’s a lot of back and forth. We’re interested in getting direct and accurate feedback from membership about what they want from the PMA and how they’d like to contribute and what they’d like the organization to do,” she said.

The announcement was made in an e-mail blast that went out on Tuesday (which, in an uncanny coincidence, was released just about the same time we published a story on The Growth of Pilates Collectives). At the moment, Anderson says, they’re still working on structure and documentation for regional use, and putting together the affiliate agreement.

“We’ve had over 100 emails since Tuesday, from all over the country and all over the world,” Anderson told us yesterday. Internationally, Anderson said, the PMA has received inquiries from Italy, the U.K., Germany and Mexico, among other countries.

Jeanfreau, who is based in New Orleans, will be launching the pilot PMA regional chapter. She’s considering forming a Gulf Coast chapter encompassing in Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia.

This is a big week for the PMA, which is also convening a Teacher Training Summit in Dallas on Nov. 7-8  in lieu of its regular annual conference.

The full text of the announcement, including contact information, is after the jump.

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Pilates Pro Newsfeed

Our semi-regular rundown of Pilates (and Pilates-related) news from around the Web. Enjoy!

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

  • The Chicago Tribune reports that exercise balls in the classroom sharpen attention and improve posture. “You’d be surprised how many kids really need to move while learning,” said one fourth grade teacher.
  • More on the health benefits of stretching: In a study called “Poor trunk flexibility is associated with arterial stiffening” in the American Journal of Physiology, researchers linked the flexibility of arteries with how well people 40 and older did on a sit-and-reach-past-their-toes test.
  • Sorry, but we couldn’t resist this one: The latest celeb to add to the who’s who of Pilates practitioners…David Beckham! Who knew we had Joe to thank for those gams?
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The Growth of Pilates Collectives

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By Nicole Rogers

It’s been a little more than a year since Pilates-Pro.com reported on a Pilates collective forming in the San Francisco Bay Area in August 2008, but in that short span, something seems to have taken hold. Other regional collectives have surfaced across the country, and the Bay Area group—which quickly ballooned to the state level—is now taking its program national. These collectives were inspired by a desire to build Pilates community spirit or a local Pilates network, and some, on a more pragmatic level, organized for a shared business advantage. For all, the rewards of sharing information, comparing notes and pooling resources are only beginning. There is, after all, strength in numbers.

We were able to catch up with a few of these groups to bring you this update on grassroots-style Pilates organizing. Read on to find out what the various Pilates collectives are up to now. 

Support for the Business of Pilates
The Bay Area Pilates Collective, now known as the United Pilates Collective, was one of the first to materialize. It started in 2008 when Tracey Sylvester and Nancy Myers, owners of EHS Pilates in San Francisco, thought to hold a mixer for Pilates studios in the Bay Area. “We invited trainers and studio owners within a 25 mile radius to chat about business, and it was immediately obvious that there was a need in the community for this kind of support network,” Sylvester says. She and Myers, as business owners, saw a need for studio owners and independent contractors to share information, such as where to find a lawyer who understood the Pilates business or where to get good liability insurance.

A New Pilates World Record

A new record for the world’s largest Pilates class was confirmed last week, and it goes to…Spain! The official tally was 862 people, who came together for a May Pilates Day master class in Madrid, in conjunction with the Pilates Method Alliance.

Though Teaser reps had long been completed, the Spanish Pilates-for-health organization Fundación Pilates, which organized the event, finally earned official bragging rights last week, a near six-month wait. Guinness World Records awarded the class its stamp of approval on Oct. 21.

The record-breaker mat session ran for 40 minutes and was led by Mabel Cabrera, head of the teacher training program at Pilates Wellness & Energy® a Spanish Pilates studio chain. It was a part of a longer set of Pilates Day programming held in Madrid on May 9 that focused on bringing Pilates “to the street,” and spreading awareness of its health benefits. It seems that was successful—though 862 people participated in the mat class, more than 1,000 were on hand for the day’s events, which included demos, sessions for children, testimonials and some impressive choreography from the Wellness & Energy staff.

“It was very exciting to be at that Pilates Day event, knowing that they were going for a Guinness World Record,” said PMA executive director Elizabeth Anderson, who flew to Madrid to be on hand for the festivities. “The participation of the Madrileños was fantastic—whole families appeared ready for a really dynamic day, and they got one.”

World’s Largest Pilates Class

Pilates Day 2009

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Pilates Pro Newsfeed

Widmer and clients in the Press-Gazette

Our semi-regular rundown of Pilates news from around the Web. Enjoy!

  • On her 22nd attempt, Green Bay, Wisconsin’s Abby Widmer finally found the financing to open her own Pilates studio. “I almost felt like I’d hit a dead end, but I still tried to get my name out…then lucky number 22 pulled through for me,” she told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. She broke even for her first month on day two. Kudos to Abby!
  • The Age, Melbourne, Australia’s daily newspaper, ran this excellent piece on Pilates and back pain—a great discussion of what can go wrong in unskilled hands. Here’s the subhead: “Building core strength has been hailed as a way to prevent back pain—but beware….”
  • There’s just no cheating when it comes to breathing, Washington Post fitness writer Vicky Hallett reminds us. The Providence Journal is running her fantastic exploration of breath in exercise which details what happens when people tune in to their breathing. 
  • Read about how one Danish study showed that exercise fights chemotherapy fatigue here, on Web MD.
  • It’s official: women’s gyms are a fitness industry trend. Here’s a quick nationwide roundup.
  • Paws-ilates: Yes, that’s Pilates with your dog. Now on video…it was only a matter of time! View the gory details here.