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14 Pilates Holiday Steals & Deals

While technically not on sale, these Pilates holiday cards are a great way to honor Joe & Clara at the holidays. Available from the PMA; $20 for 16 cards.With the holiday shopping season in full swing, lots of sales announcements for Pilates goodies have been landing in our inbox. Here we’ve compiled a list of 14 deals on Pilates clothing, equipment—and even training—so you can finish (or start!) your shopping in one place. But act fast—some of these deals expire soon. Consider it our gift to you. Happy Shopping!

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Pilates Clients

By Amy Leibrock

While you’re busy shopping for your loved ones this holiday season, don’t forget about your beloved Pilates clients who have supported you all year long. In today’s challenging economy it’s even more important to treat your loyal clients well. Consider it money well spent—they’ll appreciate the gesture and will be even more likely to spread the word about how fabulous you are.

Elisa Bluming of Bluming Studio in Brooklyn, NY, has been giving to her all her active clients for several years. “I am grateful every day for the best client base I could imagine,” she says. “I opened my studio right before 9/11, and while much new potential business quickly disappeared, I would not have survived without my client base that followed me and continued to scrape together money to continue their training. I think it really helps my business by making people feel that they are a welcome part of the studio community.”

Some of the gifts Elisa has given over the years include a pair of super-soft bamboo socks, a “Bonger” massage tool and a stainless steel water bottle. “I wanted to stop using disposable water cups at the studio and wanted to promote that my clients conserve as well so I put stainless steel cups in the studio and gave everyone a stainless steel water bottles with the studio logo,” says Bluming.

Bluming suggests spending around $5 per client, including shipping, so it pays to find wholesale or bulk pricing for the gift you choose. Look for items sold in pairs that you can split (that’s what she did with the Bongers, which are $9.50 per pair wholesale). Check the sale sections of some of your favorite vendors’ websites or turn to businesses in your community that may cut you a deal in exchange for promoting their product.

Still looking for ideas? We’ve rounded up a group of in expensive gifts that will leave your clients smiling. [Note: All of these items also make great items to sell at retail!]

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Shop for a Cause: Breast Cancer Pilates Products

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which kicked off last week, we’ve rounded up a great group of Pilates clothing items and products designed to help raise funds for breast cancer research, including this “Kick It” tee from Lucy. Ten percent of the $30 price will be donated to Breast Cancer Network of Strength.

See products from STOTT Pilates, Peak Pilates, Power Pilates, Zobha, Gaiam and more after the jump.

Pilates Apparel that Speaks Your Language

RESE Pilates Pauline Tank

There are a lot of great yoga/Pilates wear lines out there. But many of them seem to be designed with a yoga practitioner in mind first, the Pilates devotee second. Not so with RESE Pilates Activewear. The clothing line’s founder, Gail Reisman, had practiced Pilates for many years before deciding to design clothing to help women focus on key areas important to Pilates.

Her circular yin-yang logo is placed at the core on her pants, reminding you to “scoop” your abs. Seams on some of the tanks keep your ribcage in check. And a contrasting color band that goes around the hips of many of her pants helps you keep pelvis aligned. Many of the tanks are longer and a looser at the bottom than other brands, and the pants are supportive—not tight—and come in enough styles that everyone can find a flattering fit. None of these extras will do your workout for you, but they’re thoughtful touches that Pilates junkies can appreciate.

Follow the link to below to see more from RESE Pilates’ new fall line.

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The Mat Bag Grows Up

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Pilates Mat bag- The Gigi from MibospiThe GigiSome women will pay just about anything for a great bag. At least that’s what the founders of Mibospi, a new line of Pilates and yoga bags, are hoping. Their first collection of four Italian-made styles looks luxurious, but we couldn’t get our hands on a sample so we can’t vouch for the leather suppleness or quality of construction. What we do know is that the bowling-style bags are available in leather or canvas and come with a canvas- and leather-trimmed mat cover (mat not included) that fastens to the bag with unassuming leather straps.

Mibospi—a mash-up of “mind, body, spirit”—was founded by yoga teacher Jennifer De Podesta Castioni to “satisfy the need for ‘fashionable wellness.’” Indeed, these bags are about as far from the hippy-esque hemp mat bags as you can get, and they look roomy enough to use for a weekend getaway or carry-on luggage.

Sounds great, right? Yes, if you have a thousand bucks sitting around waiting for the mat bag of your dreams—retail prices range from $670 to $1,120. The collection also includes a traditional tubular bag ($410) a leather sling ($160) and a cashmere and wool meditation blanket ($665). Wholesale pricing is also available.
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Pilates Wear for the Fit Sophisticate (at a Discount!)

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Pilates Wear - Zobha Grace Tank
Zobha Grace Tank
By Amy Leibrock

When I first found the new Zobha fitness apparel line online, I was captivated by its elegant styles and colors and classic eveningwear details. Now, with samples in hand, I’m happy to report that the line is more than just a pretty face. Founder and yoga instructor Jamie Hanna’s goal of creating clothes that embody the element of “grace” that attracts her to yoga shines through in the fabric, fit and performance of the pieces I tried.

Pilates Wear - Zobha Audrey Tank
Zobha Audrey Tank
My favorite is the Grace Tank ($56, sizes 2-10). It has a flattering scoop neck and long waist that won’t ride or roll up, and the cut around the shoulders is perfect for showing off strong Pilates shoulders. The variety of other top styles will cover and flatter a variety of body types and seem to run true to size. And you’ve gotta love the names—Audrey, Jayne, Ava—that evoke icons of Hollywood style.

The fabric, a wicking blend of Supplex and Lycra, has a cotton-y feel and matte look that made me feel zipped-up but not bound in. I do have one word of warning for Pilates regulars—the Straight Leg Capris ($60) are cut a little too low and will quickly ride down during a typical Pilates workout—try the Essential Pant Capris ($64, sizes 2-10) instead; they have better coverage. The line also includes a few hoodies ($64-$66) and seamless “yoga panties” (thongs and boyshorts, $16-$18), and they have maternity, men’s and children’s lines in the works.

BONUS: The folks at Zobha were kind enough to offer Pilates-Pro.com readers a 15% discount on website orders. Get yours by entering the code Z0815PPro at zobha.com from now until May 31, 2008. Happy shopping!

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Highlights: Body Mind Spirit 2008

The Pilates-Pro.com team just got back from the Body Mind Spirit educational conference that took place last weekend (April 23-27) in Santa Clara, CA. Pilates and Gyrotonic teachers took over the hotel and convention center as they floated between classes and the expo hall (and the pool—the weather was beautiful!). This year, the regular 3-day conference was fortified with two days of pre-conference intensives with tracks for both beginner and advanced instructors and those interested in scoliosis and osteoporosis. Yoga, which used to be on the BMS rooster, wasn’t available this year, but Feldenkrais and other somatic techniques were on offer.

The expo hall floor was also buzzing with equipment demos, new products and old favorites. Flip through our slideshow above for a few of the highlights, and look for more details about some of the products soon on the site.

P.S. We created the slideshow using Flickr and PictoBrowser. We’ve also started a Pilates-Pro.com group photo pool on Flickr, which is open to everyone to join and post and share Pilates pics. More on this later!

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Pilates Pro News Feed: UK Edition

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The British press is buzzing with more than just news of Prince Harry—we did a little digging and found a bevy of Pilates-related stories from the UK.

Britons Are Leaving the Gym
Memberships are plummeting at British gyms, which have “been elbowed aside by yoga, Pilates and outdoor boot-camp-style programmes such as park circuits,” according to The Times.

Pilates Wear Reviewed
The Telegraph takes a look at Manuka Life, a line of yoga, Pilates and meditation clothing. It’s only stocked in British stores, but they will ship to other countries, including the U.S.

London Physio Clinics a Great Place to Work
Congrats to Sports & Spinal Clinics of London, which was listed No. 65 in The Sunday Times’ Top 100 Best Small Companies to Work for 2008. This group of seven physiotherapy and rehab clinics incorporates Pilates into its clinical work and offers Pilates classes.

Cricket Player Paul Collingwood Credits Pilates
“I’ve got a Pilates bench that looks like a torture device,” said the stylish Collingwood in the Daily Mail.

…And in American news…
Instructors everywhere will appreciate this nice profile of Rosanna “Nahnie” Barberio, a dancer-turned-Pilates-instructor who left New York to start a studio in Lansing, MI.


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Gear Test: Lululemon Athletica

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For months, maybe even years, I’d been hearing raves about lululemon athletica workout wear. I knew all about the comfort, the fit and the fabric, not to mention the flat-seams and fashion-forward designs. But the phrase that kept being Lululemon Training Pantrepeated, the one that convinced me to make the trek to Manhattan’s Lincoln Square store on Broadway and 64th Street, was, “The pants make your butt look so good.” Comfort or not, this was one claim I wanted to investigate.

Long story short, I was not disappointed. After trying on a handful of pant styles I finally decided on two: The Training Pant, which features a straight-leg design, a mesh ventilation strip along the back of the waist and a hidden key pocket, and the cropped Wonder Under Tight, a slim legging which I picked in a pin-stripe fabric. A quick spin before the mirror revealed that my rear appeared more lifted, my legs longer and leaner. I’m telling myself that part of this is all the Pilates I’ve been doing, but I have to give some credit to the pants, too. The tailored fit is about more than appearance though—the pants don’t slide or shift so it really is like wearing a second skin.

Finding a top wasn’t quite so easy. My pursuit actually took a second trip to the store and trying on a variety of styles. Apparently some designs work better on different body types (this is unlike some workout Lululemon Wrap Tankwear styles, which attempt to fit all shapes and sizes into the same compression garment), but I eventually found my perfect fit. The Wrap Tank offers the support of a bra without sacrificing shape. The top was higher cut in front than some, which made me comfortable enough to do some exercises on an incline, like Tendon Stretch, and the wide straps never impaired my range of motion. Most importantly, when wearing the combo while standing before a class, I felt like a professional. I guess it’s time to ditch those ill-fitting sweats, once and for all.

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Studio to Street Pilates Wear

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Sense Pilates WearIf you’re looking for a new line of clothing to sell in your studio—or just a few new outfits to teach in—check out Sense. Their popular Tunic Pant with its short skirt layer is versatile enough to go from demonstrating Short Spine to dinner with friends without changing.

Some pieces are great for working out (like the Double-Strap Cami), and others are more trendy (like the Cape Blouse), but they’re all made of the same super-soft, light-as-air material—a blend of modal and lycra—and can be mixed and matched dozens of different ways. And it’s all made in the USA. 

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