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Pilates Pro Newsfeed

Our semi-regular rundown of Pilates (and Pilates-related) news from around the web. Enjoy!

  • Kevin BowenPeak Pilates announced earlier this month that Kevin Bowen, Co-Founder and former President and Executive Director of the PMA, signed on as Peak’s new Director of Education. Bowen has held positions with Equinox, David Barton Gyms and Pinnacle Health Clubs. Just before joining Peak, Bowen was President/Director of Pilates Miami and the Pilates Education Group, a provider of continuing education and Pilates instructor training programs to studios and clubs. (No link here, we received the information in a press release.)
  • Another fitness trends roundup, this time from Chicago blogger Maya Henderson, with more of a “mind-body” focus. We like her observations about digital fitness, yoga gyms, and “Pilates specialty classes.” Also worth mentioning: her tip of the hat to Pilates-Pro.com. Thanks, Maya!
  • About.com’s Marguerite Ogle rounded up the top five Pilates news stories of 2009, a handy recap of last year’s most newsworthy moments for the Pilates industry.
  • The Denver Post took a long look at two new barre studios in the area, Pure Barre and Bar Method. Looks like barre work should have landed on one of those fitness trends lists!
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Adding Barre Work to Your Pilates Workout

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By Christine Binnendyk

Pilates and dance conditioning have a long history, and they make for a highly effective combination. Joseph Pilates himself was well-known for working with many prominent dancers during his lifetime. I’d heard the buzz about barre-style workouts such as Lotte Berk, Fluidity, and Bar Method. I had even tried out a few videos. But it wasn’t until I ran across Barre3, the Portland, Oregon, based studio with the tagline, “Where ballet barre meets yoga and Pilates,” that it hit me: Dance conditioning can be a breath of fresh air for Pilates studios, to draw new clients and keep existing ones coming back for more.

Barre Classes
Mt. Pleasant Pilates studio owner Nicole Wallen launched a program called Body By Barre just over a year ago. “It’s been a great success,” she says, and the ticket to bringing in new clientele.