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Widmer and clients in the Press-Gazette

Our semi-regular rundown of Pilates news from around the Web. Enjoy!

  • On her 22nd attempt, Green Bay, Wisconsin’s Abby Widmer finally found the financing to open her own Pilates studio. “I almost felt like I’d hit a dead end, but I still tried to get my name out…then lucky number 22 pulled through for me,” she told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. She broke even for her first month on day two. Kudos to Abby!
  • The Age, Melbourne, Australia’s daily newspaper, ran this excellent piece on Pilates and back pain—a great discussion of what can go wrong in unskilled hands. Here’s the subhead: “Building core strength has been hailed as a way to prevent back pain—but beware….”
  • There’s just no cheating when it comes to breathing, Washington Post fitness writer Vicky Hallett reminds us. The Providence Journal is running her fantastic exploration of breath in exercise which details what happens when people tune in to their breathing. 
  • Read about how one Danish study showed that exercise fights chemotherapy fatigue here, on Web MD.
  • It’s official: women’s gyms are a fitness industry trend. Here’s a quick nationwide roundup.
  • Paws-ilates: Yes, that’s Pilates with your dog. Now on video…it was only a matter of time! View the gory details here.

Pilates Pro Newsfeed

The latest Pilates news from around the Web. Enjoy!

“Surviving breast cancer comes down to the three Ps,” Fletcher client Catherine Kennedy (above) told the Malibu Times. “Preparation, prayer and Pilates. JoAnn changed my life.”

  • Remember Vic Hart? He launched new Pilates equipment line Root Manufacturing—the first to utilize eco-friendly bamboo—in September, and was featured in his local Colorado paper, the Longmont Times Call.
  • Las Vegas is chock full of injured perfomers. Could Sin City be a Pilates goldmine?
  • Naval combat veteran Jon Belanger, owner of Jonny Pilates, who teaches a regular Sunday-morning-in-the-park class, was featured in San Diego’s Uptown News
  • Confirmed: Michelle Obama does Pilates. At 4:30 a.m. no less.
  • The YMCA is getting in on the Pilates game: A Boston area YMCA is opening its own Pilates and Yoga studio. Is this a nationwide trend?