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Core Training Essentials: Integrating the Diaphragm and Pelvic Floor

Activating the deep or intrinsic muscles of the thoracopelvic cylinder (core) is a staple in most Pilates programs. However often times clients struggle to understand how to use their deeper, intrinsic core muscles without easily over-recruiting their superficial core muscles. One of the most effective methods for i

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Pilates Pro Newsfeed

Our semi-regular rundown of Pilates (and Pilates-related) news from around the web. Enjoy!

  • Last week, a big number was released for the Pilates industry: 8.6 million, as in people who practiced Pilates in the U.S. in 2009 per the results of The Sporting Goods Manufacturer’s Association annual survey, CNBC reports. The survey also showed that Pilates is the nation’s fastest-growing activity; in the past decade, the popularity of Pilates has exploded and then some. According to the SGMA, the number of Americans doing Pilates has risen by an astronomical 456 percent since the year 2000. For more on SGMA survey findings on other sports and activities, read the full article here.
  • New York and Virginia both passed measures mid-March that exempted yoga from state regulation, ending a nearly yearlong fight.
  • Exercise-related injuries are on the rise among baby boomers, according to the Mayo Clinic, which provides seven tips to avoid this phenomenon, which they’ve dubbed Boomeritis.
  • Here’s a bit on the CoreAlign, the new machine that Balanced Body is introducing to the Pilates market. Montana’s The Missoulian reports on a visit from CoreAlign inventor Jonathan Hoffman to show physical therapists how to use the machine, which is so effective, it just might “exceed” Pilates, he told the paper.
  • We really liked this Five Ways to Give Back to Yourself post from Psychology Today. It reminds us of lessons our own Pilates mentor instilled in our training program. The tagline reads: The more you give of yourself, the more you need to give to yourself. A little self-care is never a bad thing!
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Pilates Ranks High in 2010 Fitness Forecast

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The American College of Sports Medicine released a fitness trends forecast for 2010 last week, and based on its list of projected top 10 trends, the outlook is great for Pilates instructors next year.

Pilates itself was ranked No. 9 as a standalone category, and two more of the ACSM’s top 10 trends have a direct connection to the work of Pilates professionals; core training and functional fitness were ranked No. 5 and No. 9 respectively. The ACSM’s No. 1 trend was ‘Educated and experienced fitness professionals,’ making this the third year in a row that trend tops the list. Other strongly Pilates-related trends on the list were personal training and strength training, though a Pilates connection could easily be drawn to any of the top 10 items.

The top trends were assembled from the results of a worldwide survey with nearly 1,500 respondents. Surveyors gave 37 potential trends as choices and then ranked returns, formulating a report on the top 20 that was initially published in the November/December issue of ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal®

The full top 10 list, with descriptions, is available after the jump.