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Grow Your Pilates Business With Social Media

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By Laura Dixon

Forty-three years after Joseph Pilates’ passing, there are still people who think Pilates is a fad…well, not so fast!  Pilates has proven that it is here to stay. Social media is a term that leaves a lot of people in the Pilates world scratching their heads, but from the looks of things, it’s here to stay, too. So, what is social media, and how can we utilize it as studio owners, instructors and educators?

Use It or Lose An Opportunity
In a time when economic recovery is on the top of everyone’s minds, small business owners are forced to be more creative in their attempts to attract and maintain loyal customers. Most Pilates studio owners and program directors have had to cut back quite a bit on their advertising expenses in the past year. But does a smaller advertising budget have to mean less exposure? There are many Web-based social media tools that allow us to share news, insights, advice, even video, all while interacting with our clients. Sharing information this way allows businesses, both big and small, to create personal relationships with potential clients, before they even set one foot in the door for their first session. This video, from Socialnomics author and blogger Eric Qualman, reveals some incredible facts and figures about the power of social media. For a small Pilates business, the best thing about most social media opportunities is that they are available completely free of charge.

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Pilates on Twitter

By Amy Leibrock

Twitter Pilates“Returned from 60min Pilates! Instructor from abroad, he has an accent, sounds like Arnold Schwarzeneger…very entertaining! I’ll be back!” —overhead on Twitter

Do you Tweet? We do…Pilates-Pro.com just set up a Twitter profile this month. (You can see our Tweets and follow us at twitter.com/Pilates_Pro_com.) If you’re not sure what Twitter is all about, you’re not alone. For all the press it gets, the social networking site Twitter has yet to reach the critical mass that Facebook has. But if you like Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace, it’s worth checking out. You can connect with friends, clients and colleagues, promote your business, get breaking news, follow the moves of your favorite celebs and brands—and just waste time—in 140 characters or less. We’re still learning, but it’s been fun so far.

There are some other fun things you can do on Twitter…like eavesdrop. That’s how I found the quote above. Without even being a member, you can search by any term and see what people are saying about it in real time. We searched by “Pilates instructor” and “Pilates teacher.” Here’s more of what we found…

On setting a great example…
“Looks like I’ll be taking Pilates instead of yoga since I met the 75 year-old instructor”

“best pilates class ever! this lady instructor was keep calling Dr. Pilates Uncle Joe… -_- But she had the most amazing arms as a 50 y/o!”

“wonders if pilates is a waste of time? looking at the instructor… probably not.”

…and a little criticism
“wishes her Pilates instructor didn’t talk so much about her recent colonoscopy.”

“the problem with the pilates class I go to - teacher is quite good but never adds new challenges so no real progress made”

…and inspiration!
“most inspiring teacher-Mary Bowen- “Body, what do you WANT to do today?” at Pilates Method Alliance Convention Nov 08 -first gen.are amazing”

“Just back from pilates…my instructor made a routine for me to do on the road, + insists I check in w/ her on FB daily <3 accountability :)”

“I do pilates daily, and it makes me feel like the Queen Of Health!!”

“Pilates = so not boring. Especially with the right instructor.”

To Learn More
For more information on how to use Twitter, check out these resources:
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