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Pilates Holiday Gift Wish Lists

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By Nicole Rogers

Sometimes the best gifts are things you’d like to receive yourself. While you’ve been out shopping for family, friends and clients, have you stopped to think of what you might like to find gift-wrapped for your own Pilates practice this year? With that in mind, we asked some Pilates professionals what items are on their Pilates wish list for 2010, and they answered with great ideas and suggestions for every budget.

Practical and Portable
Sweetheart mat bagWith a busy schedule and a practical budget, Kayla Laurene, who is currently pursuing her certificate at Power Pilates in Manhattan, has a list full of pragmatic ideas in a variety of price ranges. First on it, she writes, is this Sweetheart mat bag in papyrus green, “a great mat bag that is big enough for a nice thick Pilates mat and is really pretty too!” The regular price is $125, but it’s on sale for $85.

The Kor One For a more affordable gift, Laurene is eyeing this Kor One BPA Free Hydration Vessel. “It’s really cool, has an ergonomic mouthpiece and its hinges open instead of having to take the time to unscrew and screw the cap. I have so little time when I’m flowing through a Pilates session to take a sip of water, I just don’t have time for that screw cap. I’m going to buy a couple of these to give as gifts. It even fits in a car cup holder,” she writes. The Kor One runs about $29.50.  

Comfortable and Stylish
As a native of Las Vegas, studio owner Nina Waldman knows desert winters are nothing to scoff at. She started Body In Mind, her studio in Israel, but it now calls a space in Las Vegas’s high-end Drift Spa home. Waldman can’t get enough Lululemon apparel, and this season she’s choosing pieces that go from warm to cold temperatures easily. Her picks? The Wunder Under Pant, the Scoop Neck Tank, and the Gather Together Jacket.

Wunder Under

  Gather TogetherScoop Neck







Versatility in the Studio
The Pilates Arc™“Because my studio is so small, I’m always moving stuff around,” says Katy Nelson, owner of Zucca Pilates in Middleton, Wisconsin.  “I would love to have the Balanced Body Pilates Arcs, enough for a whole class. They are so versatile. I love how you can flip them over and teach swan, and they fit over the Reformer bed shoulder pads. They’re just very cool. And the best part is that they are light and easy to move.” That’s a gift for your clients and your low back. The Pilates Arc™ is available at Balanced Body’s website www.pilates.com for $159.

An Anatomy Library
Aida Zorrilla is faculty and her studio, Studio A: Pilates in San Antonio, Texas, is a campus for The Ron Fletcher Program of Study, so she does a lot of teacher training. Her holiday wish is for a library of Pilates and anatomy books that would be available for teachers and clients to check out. “There are so many anatomy books out there. This way, students could take a look and see which one speaks to them,” she says. Titles Zorrilla would like in her collection include Ron Fletcher’s Every Body Is Beautiful and Anatomy Trains by Thomas W. Myers. Every Body Is Beautiful is out of print, but copies are still available at www.alibris.com and www.amazon.com. Pilates-Pro.com readers have recommended some of their own favorite anatomy titles here, with more for Zorrilla’s collection…or yours.

Joe-Centric Gifts
Husband and wife studio owners Chris Collet and Nicole Dooley Collet have Joe Pilates on the brain. In fact, the name “Joe” is prominently displayed on the front wall of their Carroll Gardens Brooklyn studio, The Pilates Boutique. Nicole would love to have the Joe Pilates bobblehead. With Joe around, she’ll always have a practiced eye watching over her. (The bobblehead is currently on back order.)

As for his dream Pilates gifts this year, Chris says, “I would love to get one of those V-shaped beds Joe built that you see him demonstrating on the archival footage. Then I’d like a Ouija board so I can ask him how two people sleep on it without rolling into the center.” You can witness the V-shaped bed for yourself on the Joseph Pilates Archival Footage DVD, $60, available at the Power Pilates online store.

The Gift of Experience
Clare Amory owns Flesh and Bone Studio in Williamsburg Brooklyn, and is beginning her second full certification at True Pilates in 2010.  As a second-time apprentice, an always-exuberant Amory is excited to experience the process again. She says, “I feel like I’m my own Santa for the coming year. I have this renewed passion for teaching the Classical Method. The opportunity to reinvest in my education is so important and valuable to me.” Amory has a long list of Pilates dream-gifts, but at the top is a trip to the For Better Health 2010 Pilates Intensive in Dallas, Texas, April 23–25. Amory says, “There are so many things I want…but experiential gifts are always the best anyway.”

These great Pilates minds think alike, too. Not only did they all wish for unlimited Pilates sessions (always a *fantastic* holiday gift idea), they wished for a fruitful, profitable year for for everyone. Here’s to your wishes coming true in 2010…if not sooner.
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Reader Comments (1)

Everybody is Beautiful by Ron Fletcher shows up on Ebay on a regular basis, as well original copies of Return to Life.

A functional anatomy book is in the process of being published by Gray's in conjunction with the functional anatomy and movement injury course offered at Mt Sinai Medical School. Having taken the course at Mt Sinai, this book will be a must have for every Pilates teacher. Look for it in 2010.

It appears that the V-bed was never manufactured past the prototype that Joe used in the video. Since this bed was intended for patients, there was no need to build it for two. Being the innovator that Joe was, we know it today as the Cadillac.

December 15, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterStacey Redfield

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