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10 Signs You’re Obsessed with Pilates Classes

by: Christine Crivello

1) Your Pilates toe-socks have their own drawer.

Two pairs is probably enough to get by. When you are taking Pilates classes 5-6 times per week we need a little variety. Maybe sometimes you forget your socks and are forced to buy another pair, or perhaps some new colors came in. Either way, seeing those pretty colors on your feet when you are working hard makes you smile! You are not alone. And don’t worry, we see this as a good thing. You are dedicated to something great, be proud of your colorful collection. When you start coordinating your pedicure to match your toe-socks we might have a problem.

2) You catch yourself sitting in “tailbone teaser” position unexpectedly.

You’re watching TV and instead of sitting up to grab the remote or a drink of kombucha you go full pike! Those muscles we never knew existed are very excited that they get to participate and might like to show off from time to time. Just go with it.

3) You make “recurring reservations” on MindBody and you never miss them.

You are one of the few people who actually click the “Recurring Reservation” button when you sign up. You never miss a class and you’re never late! In fact, you show up to class early, giving you enough time to chat, stretch and take dibs on your favorite reformer.

4) Your trainer uses you for demos in class, and you secretly LOVE it!

Need we say more? You know who you are. Sometimes people ask you if you are a trainer and you bashfully answer “nope”.

5) You have more LuLuLemon pants than jeans & skirts combined.

You can often be found running errands, doing laundry and yep, meeting friends donned in LuLu or other fitness apparel from head to toe. They really should make you an ambassador. Jeez.

6) You’re always correcting people with bad posture.

Even if you don’t correct them, you notice it. Either way, the 10 principles of Pilates have become you. Congratulations! It takes months and sometimes years of dedication for people to achieve this ultimate harmony.

7) You have Energy!

Traditional weight lifting workouts can leave you feeling depleted and exhausted after a workout. Pilates exercises can leave you feeling energized! The combination of deep breathing, high quality, and low quantity movements helps your body function better as one unit. This results in giving you more energy to go about your day.

8) You can’t remember the last time you put on tennis shoes for your workout.

You head to the gym with your feet in toesox and flip flops, that’s it and you’re out the door. Unless the temperature is below 60 degrees, then Uggs are in order.

9) You don’t have “trouble areas” anymore.

After about a month of Pilates classes you feel like a supermodel. Month two-three you have completely reformed your body. What some people refer to as “trouble areas” don’t exist for you. Your trouble areas have actually turned into a toned muscle group. If that doesn’t get you into Pilates classes, we don’t know what will.

10) You’ve never felt better!

You are happy, comfortable and confident with your health and your body. Cheers to you for making this decision to get FIT, get HIP and be YOU! Enjoy!


Christine Crivello, co-owner of HIP Studio, has called the South Bay home for 16 years. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University, she spent 10 years in the music and fashion industries before finding her passion for health and fitness. Once she discovered the amazing toning and sculpting benefits of Pilates, she was hooked. Christine earned her Pilates certification from Body Arts and Science and met future studio partner Amber the same year. The two share the desire to make fitness fun, effective and sustainable. They opened HIP Studio to provide the perfect blend of intensity and variety in order to reshape the body and maximize results.

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