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That New Fitness Trend? Pilates Has It Covered

by Jonathan Urla, MFA, CPT-PMA

It seems that I hear about a “new” fitness term or trend every week. These words usually come from the scientific community, but they often take on new meanings when the media and general public start using them. I started noticing that most of these words could be used to describe Pilates exercise, so I decided to dig a little deeper.

I compiled a list of the terms that are currently in fashion in the fitness world and media and looked at the relevance that each has to Pilates training. I hope the result is as illuminating to you as it was to me. This exercise reiterated to me that the techniques of Joseph and Clara Pilates are still proving to be years ahead of their time. As instructors in the health and wellness field, it is important for us to be aware of these trends and be able to explain to students how they relate to Pilates.

Pilates Pro Newsfeed

Our semi-regular rundown of Pilates (and Pilates-related) news from around the web. Enjoy!

  • LifePower in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business JournalIt looks like some of those 2010 fitness trends are spot on; here’s a major corporation trying on the “yoga gym” idea. Life Time Fitness is testing a new club concept called LifePower, a smaller, “boutique-style” gym that focuses primarily on yoga and Pilates. The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal reports on the opening of the second-ever location of the LifePower brand, and catches up with Life Time’s CEO, who calls it “a higher-end, futuristic, functional training that top-end personal trainers can deliver.”
  • While we’re on the topic of the gym biz, here’s one we missed in the last edition of Newsfeed. It’s Survival of the Fittest for Small Gyms, from the Los Angeles Times, takes a look at how the little guys are faring in this rough economy, with some encouraging numbers.
  • Pilates continues to enter the Smartphone app market. Here’s veteran instructor Lynda Lippin’s review of FitDeck Mobile’s new Pilates app for BlackBerry.
  • A pricing structure worth noting as we ride out the recession: any-price classes. Read about how a new Brooklyn yoga studio, Dharma Yoga Brooklyn, is hedging its bets on a 100% donation-based model.
  • The New York Times ran a couple of articles of interest to Pilates practitioners lately. Even More Reasons to Get a Move On shows that regular exercise promotes healthier aging and longer life—not exactly a shocker, but it breaks down the details. Evidence That Little Touches Do Mean So Much points to studies that illuminate the power of touch—worth considering when you’re cueing your next client.
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Pilates Pro Newsfeed

Our semi-regular rundown of Pilates (and Pilates-related) news from around the web. Enjoy!

  • Kevin BowenPeak Pilates announced earlier this month that Kevin Bowen, Co-Founder and former President and Executive Director of the PMA, signed on as Peak’s new Director of Education. Bowen has held positions with Equinox, David Barton Gyms and Pinnacle Health Clubs. Just before joining Peak, Bowen was President/Director of Pilates Miami and the Pilates Education Group, a provider of continuing education and Pilates instructor training programs to studios and clubs. (No link here, we received the information in a press release.)
  • Another fitness trends roundup, this time from Chicago blogger Maya Henderson, with more of a “mind-body” focus. We like her observations about digital fitness, yoga gyms, and “Pilates specialty classes.” Also worth mentioning: her tip of the hat to Thanks, Maya!
  •’s Marguerite Ogle rounded up the top five Pilates news stories of 2009, a handy recap of last year’s most newsworthy moments for the Pilates industry.
  • The Denver Post took a long look at two new barre studios in the area, Pure Barre and Bar Method. Looks like barre work should have landed on one of those fitness trends lists!
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Pilates Ranks High in 2010 Fitness Forecast

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The American College of Sports Medicine released a fitness trends forecast for 2010 last week, and based on its list of projected top 10 trends, the outlook is great for Pilates instructors next year.

Pilates itself was ranked No. 9 as a standalone category, and two more of the ACSM’s top 10 trends have a direct connection to the work of Pilates professionals; core training and functional fitness were ranked No. 5 and No. 9 respectively. The ACSM’s No. 1 trend was ‘Educated and experienced fitness professionals,’ making this the third year in a row that trend tops the list. Other strongly Pilates-related trends on the list were personal training and strength training, though a Pilates connection could easily be drawn to any of the top 10 items.

The top trends were assembled from the results of a worldwide survey with nearly 1,500 respondents. Surveyors gave 37 potential trends as choices and then ranked returns, formulating a report on the top 20 that was initially published in the November/December issue of ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal®

The full top 10 list, with descriptions, is available after the jump.