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2010 Pilates Conference Planner

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2010 is just around the corner! Have you thought about your Pilates continuing education plans for next year? If not, the time to start is now. If you’ve never attended a Pilates or fitness conference, check out the offerings below. Conferences are great opportunities to get out of the studio, meet new colleagues and build on your teaching skills. Don’t forget to check out our workshops calendar, where these events are listed, along with dozens of others worldwide.

February 12-13, 2010
Power Higher: Power Pilates Annual Conference
Las Vegas, NV

February 26-28, 2010
Pilates on Tour
San Diego, CA

February 26-28, 2010
2nd Australia/New Zealand Polestar Pilates Regional Conference

Pilates Pro Newsfeed

Ickes and her daughter at BurbankLeader.com

Our semi-regular roundup of Pilates news from around the Web.

  • re:AB’s Brook Siler ranted about uncomfortable airline seats in the Huffington Post and offered up easy stretches to combat stiffness.

  • Scottsdale, Ariz., studio owner  Miranda Armenta, of MIRA Pilates challenged two people to a 60-day Pilates regimen. She wanted to see what came after Joe Pilates’ old adage, “In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference, in 20, you will see the difference, and in 30, you will be on your way to having a whole new body.” Click here to see the results.

  • BOSU® tapped Erika Quest, owner of Studio Q in Laguna Beach, Calif., as its 2010 ‘Pilates Specialist.’  She’ll be developing content and exercises for a workshop and DVD.

  • What better way to honor your city than with a Pilates calendar? New Orleans studio owner Alyce Morgan Wise teamed up with documentary photographer Alice “Dallas” McNamara to shoot ‘Spontaneous Zest and Pleasure: A Pilates Calendar,’ featuring shots of Pilates moves performed in some of NOLA’s most colorful and unexpected spots.

IDEA's Fitness Instructor of the Year

We’d like to congratulate June E. Kahn, a Pilates instructor in Broomfield, CO, who was named IDEA’s Fitness Instructor of the Year this week at the IDEA World Fitness Convention. Here’s more about June from IDEA’s Web site:

June E. Kahn is president of June Kahn’s Bodyworks LLC Professional Fitness Pilates Training, life studio coordinator for Life Time Fitness®, director of education for Beamfit™ LLC, and a Peak Pilates® MVe™ Trainer.

Kahn’s success in inspiring others comes from being able to bridge the gap between classical Pilates and the fitness industry, bringing together components of each in a nonintimidating environment so that all benefit. “Key to doing this is an ability to communicate across all ages and levels that inspires self-confidence and participation,” she says. “By focusing on form—explaining and demonstrating correct execution in an unintimidating fashion—I help the participants benefit.”

Before Pilates was popularized, she introduced “The New Fluid Workout,” one of the first integrations of Pilates and yoga in a standing movement class. “This innovative program set the groundwork for [other] programs I developed over the years, such as ‘Elegant Strength,’ a fusion of traditional strength training, yoga and Pilates that attracts a large number of male attendees.”

Kahn believes that the future of fitness will blend wellness with people’s preferred activities, enhancing their states of mind as well as their bodies. Bringing these elements into harmony will enable people to enrich their lifestyles and their total well-being.

Kahn created the St. Louis Workout for Hope to generate funds for the City of Hope™ hospital, raising more than $125,000 over 8 years, with an annual participation of more than 400 people. She was named to the national advisory board for the “National Workout for Hope” for over 7 years and oversaw the nationwide “Walk of Hope” in more than 50 cities.

Congrats, June!

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Pilates Still Showing Stable Growth

The results of its IDEA’s 14th annual Fitness Programs & Equipment Trends Report were released recently, and they showed sustained growth for Pilates offerings within health clubs. The survey, which is geared to fitness program directors and facility managers, found that Pilates exercise has steadily increased as a mind-body offering in health clubs over the past 9 years, growing from 47% to 70%. Pilates equipment has also enjoyed an increase in usage in the 8 years IDEA has tracked it, growing from 29% to 44%. Forty-three percent of respondents expected Pilates equipment in health clubs to grow. And one-on-one Pilates or yoga training grew by 8% over last year.

Overall, IDEA reported that respondents have a positive attitude about the fitness industry, which has proven to be stable during the global economic downturn. More respondents are expecting to grow than those expecting declines.

What about you? Are you expecting your business to grow, stay stable or decline in the coming year? Chime in on our poll below.

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