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Pilates Products: Pressure Pillow (Giveaway!)

How many of your clients have shoulder tension? All of them? It was certainly Pilates instructor Rachael Maddalena’s most common complaint from clients. “They would tell me they worked at a computer all day, they had a long commute, and their posture at their computer or in their car would cause them tension that lingered,” says the Bellingham, Wash., instructor. 

Rachael went beyond recommending a good masseuse and set out to invent a solution that would really work. She came up with the Pressure Pillow, a clever take on the common practice of rolling out shoulder and back tension on a rubber ball. She’s made the process easier and prettier by packaging two hard balls in padding and covering them with attractive fabric. A strap helps you change positions and control the placement.

Rachael based the pillow design on a combination of Thai massage, Pilates and dance medicine therapies. It targets the trapezius muscles specifically, and she uses it to help her clients get a better understanding of a relaxed and supported shoulder girdle. To use it, place it behind the shoulders using the straps to place it where you’d like the pressure. Then lean back on the floor, a bed or a chair, relax and breathe deeply. Rachael lists more ideas on her website.

Rachael sells the Pressure Pillow through her site for $20 and takes wholesale orders in sets of 10 for $149.95. It comes in at least eight colors and patterns, even a “Route 66” version.

Enter the Giveaway!
Rachael has offered one Pressure Pillow as a giveaway to Pilates-Pro.com readers. To enter, tell us here or on our Facebook page how you would use the Pressure Pillow. We’ll draw one winner on Monday, July 26.

Using the Pressure Pillow can help your client better understand the feeling of a relaxed and supported shoulder girdle above a strong abdomen.