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Pilates Product Review: BASI's Pilates Interactive

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By Nicole Rogers

Have you ever wished for an online Pilates encyclopedia? If so, Pilates Interactive, a new web platform from BASI Pilates founder Rael Isacowitz, might be what you’re looking for. It’s an instant exercise reference tool, a continuing ed program and, for those like me who work alone, a digital colleague, packaged onto one site and accessible at any time. It is an extremely handy tool for Pilates in the 21st century.

At its most basic, Pilates Interactive is an online video library of the BASI exercise repertoire. Each video on the site is a demonstration of an individual exercise, and most feature Rael Isacowitz performing and/or cueing the movement. The videos are searchable and sortable by key word, difficulty level, apparatus, muscle, or BASI block (BASI’s unique system). Because all of the video content is streamed, nothing needs to be installed or downloaded onto your computer. The site’s main interface is sleek and easy to navigate and the viewing interface for each exercise has at-a-glance exercise notes, organized into set-up, movement, muscle focus, objectives and cueing sections. At last count, 327 exercises were available and BASI is still adding to the site.

Pilates Pro Newsfeed

Our semi-regular rundown of Pilates news from around the web. Enjoy!

  • Marchioli and Swieczkowski in The Dallas Morning NewsA Dallas-area multiple sclerosis patient is walking down stairs, standing up straight and even wearing heels again, thanks to the Pilates work she’s been doing. At first, Rebecca Swieczkowski at Get ReFormed Pilates in Frisco, TX, had to move Sharon Marchioli’s legs and support her body. Because Marchioli tired quickly, the two would chat during breaks between exercises and became fast friends. “I am just like a liberated woman right now, totally liberated,” Marchioli told The Dallas Morning News. Click here to read their story.
  • The U.K.’s Daily Telegraph introduced us to Poolates (created by American Pilates instructor Rebecca Pfeiffer) which features interesting adaptations of Pilates concepts for exercises in the pool. 
  • While we’re on the subject of “-ates” hybrids, the latest thing in the land down under is Burlates, according to Australia’s Daily Telegraph. Burlesque star Rachel St. James has dropped Pilates concepts into movement with a burlesque flair and is leading the Aussie charge in the realm of “boudoir fitness.”
  • Pilates and osteoporosis expert Rebekah Rotstein breaks down myths and shares do’s and don’ts for living with osteoporosis in this CNN video clip.
  • About.com’s Marguerite Ogle brought us this lengthy interview with BASI Pilates founder Rael Isacowitz.
  • Australia’s Daily Telegraph also ran this interesting piece about an Aussie world champion swimmer using Pilates to replicate the performance-enhancing qualities of high-tech “super” swimsuits, which constrict swimmers’ bodies so they don’t drop their hips when fatigued. “It’s not like I’m trying to build muscle there. It’s more trying to teach those smaller muscles to work properly when they need to,” butterfly champ Marieke Guehrer told the newspaper.

NewWave Pilates Apparel Designs for Men and Women

On him: Pilates Tech Pant and Long Sleeve Crew Neck. On ladies: Classic Tank and NewWave Pant with Pockets.Men who’ve worried about finding appropriate Pilates wear, fret no longer. There’s a new clothing maker out there with your needs in mind. NewWave Pilates Apparel is taking aim at the virtually untapped Pilates menswear market with a combination of high-tech, green fabrics and design specifically configured for Pilates movement. NewWave also has a full line of women’s clothing, too.

BASI Pilates™ founder Rael Isacowitz and Audrey McCann, owner of apparel line Pilates by Bonnie, teamed up to launch NewWave last year. The inspiration for the menswear comes straight from Isacowitz’s own personal experience. Though he’s had a decades-long Pilates career, he never quite found clothing that fit the right formula.

“Over the years it has been difficult for me to find appropriate clothing for Pilates, both to teach and practice. It was either dance clothing, athletic clothing, yoga clothing, martial arts clothing…none felt right,” he says.

McCann concurred, pointing out that most men’s active wear is either extremely loose, like basketball clothing, or extremely tight, like cycling wear.