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Pilates Products: T Spheres® (Giveaway!)

by: Dana Auriemma

As Pilates instructors, we work hard to teach our clients how to move and exercise in a way that is most natural and efficient for the body. We work on improving their mobility and range of motion, and even try to reprogram what muscles activate to perform given movements. It takes time and practice but we can usually help our clients improve their movement patterns in this way, and that brings them significant benefits to enjoy.

But many times, we hit an obstacle. Figuratively and literally. I’m talking about chronic muscle tension, tightness, knots, and fascial restrictions. These things can get in the way of our clients moving well, no matter how insightful our cues or corrections are. I’m always looking for ways to help clients with these restrictions and recently learned of a fantastic product that can help do this.

T Spheres aromatherapy-infused massage balls are an innovative and unique massage tool, created by a professional massage therapist. The size and weight of the T Spheres make them a perfect tool to work into muscle knots and attachment points throughout the body, while the infusion of aromatherapy essential oils aids in releasing stress and tension, especially in conjunction with Pilates breathing.

But what I love most about T Spheres, is that not only can our clients use them for self-massage outside the studio, but they can also be integrated into Pilates sessions while in the studio. T Spheres can be placed at key points in the body to aid in alignment, awareness, and muscle release, all while practicing Pilates. Then clients can be encouraged to purchase a set for their own personal use outside the studio, so that they come back to you each session with less restrictions and better mobility in their body. T Spheres are also perfect to use at the office, on long car rides, on the road, or wherever our clients go.

T Spheres can be a great addition to a Pilates studio. They can be used by instructors during private sessions, classes or workshops with clients, but also made available to purchase in the studio so clients can enjoy their own set of T Spheres at home. They can be a very special and unique addition to a studio’s retail space and a nice way for a studio to bring in incremental revenue, all while helping clients relieve pain and improve their movement for a stronger, healthier body!

Enter the Giveaway!

Enter to win a special T Spheres Retail Package that includes 12 sets of T Spheres, plus a personal retail marketing consultation with Dana Auriemma. Retail Value is over $500! Entries will be accepted through March 31st 2014. Get details and enter to win here. And for more information about T Spheres, visit their website at www.tspheres.com.


Check out this 6-minute video for examples and ideas on how you can integrate T Spheres into a Pilates session or class with your clients.



Dana started her professional career in marketing and sales working for Fortune 500 companies, but later moved out of the corporate world to pursue her passion in fitness. She opened, grew, and sold a successful Pilates studio and is now dedicated to helping other studio owners and instructors master the business skills they need to reach their full potential. Dana offers custom consulting, online business courses, and publishes free training articles. Visit her at danaauriemma.com and on Facebook.

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Before we get to the myths, a quick word about me. The reason I’m called “The Rogue Nutritionist” is that I’m the one in the crowd pointing an unimpressed finger at boneheaded notions about nutrition, weight loss, diet and health. So as you might imagine, myth-busting is one of my favorite activities. In this column, I’ve chosen 10 of my favorite doozies. Some are new; some are old but still around despite being past their expiration dates; and some are enjoying an undeserved resurrection from the graveyard of bad ideas.

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