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Most Popular Articles From 2009

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As 2009 draws to a close and we refocus our energies on the year to come, it’s nice to reflect on the year past. Thus it’s time for our very own Pilates-Pro.com “Year in Review,” a countdown of the site’s 10 most popular articles in 2009. (This is a great place to start if you’re just discovering us!) We’d like to extend huge thanks to all of the innovative, thoughtful, dedicated and generally amazing Pilates experts who contributed to Pilates-Pro.com this year. Kudos as well to the growing number of community members who use the articles and forums as a place for lively, insightful discussion. Pilates-Pro.com continues to grow because of you. And of course, if you have topics you’d like us tackle in 2010, please drop a line and let us know!

1. Pilates for Scoliosis by Suzanne Martin, PT, DPT
2. Pilates for Feet by Madeline Black
3. Five Ways to Combine Cardio and Pilates by Nicole Rogers
4. Pilates on Call with Siri Dharma Galliano
5. Postpartum Recovery: Helping New Moms Get Their Bodies Back by Debbi Goodman, MSPT
6. 16 Fitness Wear Discounts for Pilates Instructors by Christine Binnendyk
7. Pilates DVD Review: The Jump Board Workout by Nicole Rogers
8. Pilates on Call: Core Conditioning PTs
9. Five Ways to Hook Men on Pilates by Julian Littleford
10. Five Ways to Build Successful Client-Instructor Relationships by Devra Swiger

5 Ways to Combine Cardio and Pilates

CardiolatesBy Nicole Rogers

While a good, flowing Pilates session can elevate your heart rate and make you sweat, many instructors find that their clients crave ways to integrate more cardio into their workout routine. With this in mind, Pilates studios across the country offer classes that focus specifically on cardio. It helps to note that in this economy, gyms are slashing membership fees to lure new members, so any incentive for clients to stay in the Pilates studio is a welcome addition. Here we take a look at several studios who have added successful cardio classes. If you’d like to add some cardio to your Pilates offerings, take notes—then get cardio-creative!

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